Friday, July 16, 2010

Fishing Village

After this, we passed by the Sihanoukville Port

Reminds me of Port Klang in Malaysia

Sa, our tuttut driver, told us that we there's a fishing village at the port and proceeded to take us there for a look

Village. Yamaha motorbikes that are common in developing countries like Cambodia and Malaysia, you dont see them in Australia

Bustling strip of shops look pretty on that sunny November day.

Locals go about their everyday life

Arriving at the dock, where they build and repair ships, it was quite a beautiful sight to me

Sa took a picture for us. The ship builders were looking at us. A little uncomfortable but chose to ignore and continue with our camwhoring and photography session

Unusual. I have never been to a place where they make ships and to be there felt cool

Boat for charter. Sa's spoken English is not bad. The Cambodian language is in characters and not in alphabets. He read out "Boat for...." he didnt know how to pronounce 'charter', i completed the sentence for him and told him it means for rent

The old lady was terribly hunching and she walked funny... couldnt help but stare a little. Hmm... i need to take good care of myself

Sue Lin at 23. Happy, vibrant, soaking up the sun, life wasn't perfect then but i was content, i thought i had a future with E...

Wooden piere, locals chatting among themselves

Fishing boat

Bestfriends. Friends for 24 year and i wonder... friends forever?


Passed by a school. Hmm, they wear slippers to school. We are to wear white shoes and socks in Msia. In Aust, my cousins wear Nike!

Chit chat as i went to buy bottled water. He waited for us while we packed up and then brought us to the town where we were to board a taxi he arranged for us


Biopolymath said...

I have quite a lot of happening in M'sia. Attended events more than I can update lol...

Sue Lin said...

Hahahha, yeah Biopolymath, i spent quite a while reading ur blog last night! Watched all the videos u put up on Cheer2010.

Take ur time blogging, this Cambodia trip of mine was in November 2009! Hahah, i have not finished the Australian Road Trip (early April) and i have not even begun on Tasmania! Sydney is not done yet too..