Friday, July 09, 2010


Friends for 10years and counting, PL is visiting Melbourne! Been meeting up almost everyday for the past week =)

She asked me what is there to do in Melbourne city (besides shop, which we DID do quite a fair bit of)

I suggested the Como Historic House and Garden and was surprised that both she and KW were interested

I passed by the signboard by chance and was keen on going

I thought i was gonna have to go alone but hey, its so much more fun with company =)

We picked Sunday, had a nice chit chat session in Kokoblack (and i tripped down the stairs) before heading to Como.

Original fountain. We arrived there just in time for the 2pm house tour.

Thats the back of the house, we aren't allowed to take pictures inside. It was a really small tour group, just the three of us and a couple, so no sneaking photos.

Fully furnished, the house was sold to National Trust for historic conservation. It felt like we went back a century, to those Victorian days of drawing rooms, fireplace with mechanical bells to summon the servants, chaperon rooms and a ballroom complete with a grand piano and a chandelier... It was amazing!

Veggie garden still in use today

So lush n green

Vibrant unique orange flowers in the garden

Directed her to play the bitchy role. Glares at each other
Friends again, on the lawn at the front of Como house.

In the woods, with some wood...

Like my elf boots? Forever New, 2007 collection! Hahah, so old! Dress from Ice in Habour Town, 3 for $10 =) Leggings: Cotton On. Jackets borrowed.


Jacqueline said...

I like the green veggie!!!

Sue Lin said...

Lol, Jac me too! They look so good!

Jacqueline said...

HAHAhha! I want salad!!

Sue Lin said...

Jac sorry, we dont serve in Indonesia =P

Ps. Love reading about ur travels in Bandung!

Isya said...

oh sue lin, i was looking at your 2nd last picture and i was just thinking to myself "nice boots and oh, i like her skirt too" and then you wrote like my elf boots? hahah

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Isya =) Hahahaha, it does look elf-ish to me... before leaving the house i looked in the mirror and thought, damn i look like an elf or a pixie or something, too green. Hahha

Isya said...

well, i like it!! :)

Sue Lin said...

Awww, glad u do =)