Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Let's take a break from the Australian Outback and revisit my unfinished travel entries of Cambodia

They're crazy in Cambodia, building such a massive bridge to the island! Plus its such a small island, not like Penang or Singapore

Phnom Penh city kids visit Sihanoukville to swim the same way Kuala Lumpur families head to Port Dickson for the beach

This place really resembles Port Dickson in many ways, except that their water is cleaner, bluer

Our tuttut driver brought us around town, we noticed there were a lot of stone wall. We asked why but his answer isnt really clear. To mark property i guess?

Another thing noted by Bestfriend who travelled all around Cambodia in a month, is that all the cows in Cambodia are pure white and skinny

Building by the beach, unoccupied, meant to be a foodcourt or something?

What i dont understand is why do they have to have open fires?


Such a pity, the water behind is just so scenic

The tuttut driver became our cameraman. Haha

The trail from the road to the beach

Lots of construction was taking place. The workers and their families live in make-shift homes:

Just across, are modern structures

Really reminded me of Port Dickson

Great big huge arch.

I couldnt help but wonder, will this beautiful place become bustling and successful like Phuket or something? Or will all these be unoccupied and unsustainable?

Its not really an airport, its a night club

Market where Bestfriend wanted to buy toothpaste but the lady didnt want to sell her 1. It had to be 3 for USD1. I bought a pair of sunglasses for USD3 (its already broken)

Throughout my short trip in Cambodia, i've captured many shots of the locals fully utilising their motorbikes to transport almost anything under the sun


Deb said...

Did you manage to visit Tuol Sleng or some of the Cambodian genocide musuems when you were in Phnom Penh?

Sue Lin said...

Deb i visited the genocide museum when i went to Cambodia in 2006 February, didnt revisit any of those this time. Didnt go to Angkor Watt again either

Biopolymath said...

The modern white structure reminds me of those classic colonial buildings.

Sue Lin said...

Biopolymath hmmm it does in away