Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Full Driver's Licence

Passed on second attempt =)

I am the sort of person who tells others about my failures so that everyone else can learn from it

I failed the first time because i did not wait for the flashing lights at the train crossing to go off completely. It doesnt matter if the boomgates are up, it doesn't matter if the train has passed 1 minute ago, u have to wait there like an idiot until ALL lights are off, then u can drive. By driving too early (while the lights are still flashing), it was an automatic fail


ying2 said...

Hi sue..can feel your frustration over the exam..I believe that you can pass the exam on the next attempt!!try your best ya!take care^-^

Sue Lin said...

Errrrmmm passed already Ying Ying. Thank u. 2nd time i passed. Hmm... maybe i am not clear enough... will ammend

Sue Lin said...

Spot the difference between driving in Malaysia and in Australia

1. Signalling at roundabouts.
2. Hmm... maybe thats all, it is just that everyone is more ganas in Malaysia

Jacqueline said...

Malaysian drivers are ganas?!?! Wait till you see Jakarta's drivers... "What is signal?" "What is my right of way?"... No such thing here. You need to drive like a gangster here. Or else, you will not be able to out out from any junctions. Hahahah!

Patrick ho said...

Maybe signal light shud be throw away,or just leave it like a accessories

Sue Lin said...

Jac hahaha! So Malaysia is bad and Jkt is worse. In Msia also always got the feeling that if u dont ganas, u'll never get out.

I did that in my first exam, waited damn long and was scared i was waiting too long. Then saw a gap and rushed out. Turns out i should have waited even longer!!! But this is not the thing that made me fail la, still okay.

Patrick yeah maybe it is just for display!

Jacqueline said...

Yup.. Jkt is definitely worse than KL... If u read my latest post, u will know why... :p

So, r u still coming to Jkt?

Sue Lin said...

Jac yeah i read in Lonely Planet. I've replied ur Facebook message =)