Sunday, May 09, 2010

Carpets Rugs Mats

Last year i went to Cambodia to visit my bestfriend who was there for Carpets for Communities

Now that i am in Australia, where they sell the carpets, i helped out with a STOCKTAKE!

Being an ex-auditor, i was like the boss of the stocktake. I did up a nice Excel worksheet to account for their stock =)

On Sunday (2/5/2010), i tagged along to help out at one of their markets.

Helped with the setting up of the stall and then since there were too many volunteers, i went to a restaurant to study and leave them to it

It was at Williamstown, pretty view if not for the gloomy weather that ruins the mood

I love the vibrant colours of the carpets!

Just in case u are interested, these are the prices (excluding shipping costs):

40cm x 50cm – $35 (small bathroom mat)
45cm x 65cm – $45 (medium bathroom mat)
70cm in diameter round – $55
1m x 70cm – $85 (small lounge room rug or bedroom rug)
2m x 70cm – $140 (hall runner)
1.2m x 1.6m – $229 (lounge room rug)

We'll work something out


BALI said...

congrats for the business!
hope you gain success all the time.


Isya said...

ehhh soo colourful. you should do an ad for it. lie all around it maybe? hehehehe.

Sue Lin said...

Bali thanks although there is nothing i have achieved

Isya HAHAHA, ur funny! Miss ya, heard the girls met up last weekend? Did u go, hope to see a write up on it in ur blog =)