Thursday, May 20, 2010

Desert, Treasure, Trash

We ignored this sign board for one hell of an experience!

The arrow is where the tarred road ends, where the dirt road begins

Ernest Giles road is the shortest route to go from Alice Springs (Point A) to Kings Canyon (Point B)

Even Google maps on the GPS would direct u off-road.

Tail of dust behind, and guess what's in front?

Toilet roll!

Its so cute just lying there in the middle of the desert! Haha! Drove on further and saw more stuff

Someone's boot must have flown open, and all their camping food flew out. We stopped to see what we could take!

Russian went to get baked beans

Bestfriend wondered if there was money in one of the bags we saw on the road! Haha, all i wanted to do was take pictures, so i can blog =P

Earlier on, before the dirt road, we spotted camels on the way, stopped to take a closer look

Russian chased them away by going too close!

Bestfriends, without any camels...

Australians are really nice, we saw a couple with a four wheel drive stopped by the side of the road. Asked to see if they were okay, turns out they found a huge purple luggage lying on the dirt road and was picking it up in case the owners are looking for it. Wow, so thoughtful eh?

Unlike us, taking baked beans and thinking of money! Hahahahha

We drove further down and then saw this car coming from the opposite direction, they were going really slowly. Noticed that the passenger had her door not closed properly and she was picking up stuff. Realised that this had to be the car whose boot flew open! Told them of the other car

Most of the stuff that flew out their car cannot be eaten anymore but they took the effort to actually pick up the ruined groceries to keep and throw into a proper rubbish bin later!

The Malaysian me was so shocked, why are people so thoughtful here? I wouldn't have thought of doing that, i bet the typical Malaysian wouldnt either, but after watching them, in the future i will !

The desert dirt road behind the car had no litter!

Do u think those our are our car tracks? =)


Biopolymath said...

Wahhh middle of the continent. I'm actually so touched by Australian way of life!

Serene said...

So exciting your roadtrip.
Wish I could take the time to do something like that!

Sue Lin said...

Biopolymath lol, yeah, literally in the middle! The feelings i felt when i realised what they were doing... its amazing!

Serene, u can do it too! Further from Newcastle/Sydney though =P If u wanna do the trip, just ask, i'll help plan no probs =)

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Bizarre. A toilet roll in the middle of that wilderness!

What were you doing, driving out there?

Sue Lin said...

Chuang Shyue Chou heyyy! Lol, it was funny, wasnt it, a toilet roll in the middle of the desert like that =)

We were on our way to see Australia's tourist's attactions Ayers Rock (aboriginal name: Uluru) and also Kings Canyon

Joey said...

Haha! I'm glad you took pics to blog so we can see it. The toilet roll IS cute in your pic (though I never found it cute before ever)

Btw, I like your picture above the Links on the right :)

Hope your paper went well

Sue Lin said...

Joey hahaha, yeah i love capturing the moments to share and to look back upon in years to come.

I agree with u, i never found toilet rolls cute before! Hahah

And thanks re the pic on the right =) Will blog about that in due time

The paper... i attempted everything, hope that helps me pass

supplementals said...

Haha, toilet roll and baked beans caught my attention. Exciting just reading about it all!

Sue Lin said...

Supp hey! Hahah, the baked beans caught ur attention as well? Haha, thanks man, appreciate ur compliment =)

Isya said...

i finally found time to read ur blog! bleh...

so kesian the boot opened :(

and yeah, typical msians wouldn't be bothered to pick it up. actually, i think most people will be throwing rubbish out their windows instead.

we shall make a change!

Sue Lin said...

Isya hie! Its alright, i understand what u are going through

Yeah damn kesihan, lots of foodstuff wasted, i saw honey.

Agree with u, yeah they will be throwing it out instead! Terrible! The road is so long, we cant expect people to actually pick up rubbish along the way, everyone has to do their own part =)

Isya said...

hehehe.i wld have picked up all those food that can still be eaten.

My mom always ask,don't they teach in school not to throw rubbish out the car window.and well,they do say that "jgn buang sampah" but they didn't add "dari kereta".so,maybe they should eh?

Sue Lin said...

Hie Isya hahaha, yeah we were picking up their baked beans.

Exactly, i dont think our education system is effective. I dont know how they do it here. But examples really touch me. Its amazing watching and will be inclined to follow