Friday, December 11, 2009

Monday Night in Phnom Penh

Flight to Cambodia was delayed over an hour. The uncle next to me in the plane, a businessman was pissed about being late for his meeting, he works closely with embassies, in the business of getting foreign workers into Malaysia...

The flight to Cambodia was entirely different, the ex-Cambodian maid who sat next to this Chinese Uncle could speak rather good English and Mandarin, she's going back for good after 5 years of working in Msia. Well dressed, modernly, and she was yakking over handsfree right till take off and would have continued if her battery hadn't died!

Bestfriend greeted me at the airport with a huge big hug, all set with a tut-tut driver and his charriot and off we went into the sunset

=Pampered eh? Hahahahah.

She said she's not there to pamper me in crazy Phnom Penh

"But you're doing such a good job!" i protested =P Hahahha

She already checked into a room at Okay Guesthouse

It's featured in The Lonely Planet, the best tour guide ever! Traveller's Bible/Quoran, whatever, u get what i mean.

Simple room. Just the basics plus a TV. Watched some Jurassic Park on StarMovies

USD 10 (RM34) per night! So its 5-5 each! I came back to KL and had CoffeeBean during group study, one night in Cambodia is almost the same price a large Mocha Ice Blended!

Just cut down on designer coffee and u can travel!

Its safe Xiao Gwei, u dont need 3 star hotels!

See, even got aircond. Which we didnt turn on to save $$

The powerful fan did a fantastic job! Oh and its cold shower but happy to have our own toilet

Off to Godiana hotel to meet this NGO guy, M who works in Oxfam

Bestfriend took me a picture in the lobby. There was a wireless modem for the guest to use internet service and there were quite a few travellers there with their laptops.

3 of us went for dinner a short walk away from the hotel.

Nice ambience, full house, we had to wait a minute for a proper dinner table (and not a coffee table).

Oh! Its one of those places that was full of adventurous whites! In my previous trip to Cambodia in 2006, on a tour with family, they always brught us for Chinese meals in Chinese Restaurants, which was obviously full of Chinese from all over the world! Cambodian food is good!

I'll eat frogs again if i make a third visit!

Recommended i order Fish Amok and i obeyed!

No regrets! =) I taste lemon grass or serai in it, i love it! Bestfriend said she's had better... but this was the best presented Fish Amok she's seen. USD 5 (RM17) with rice.

Picture above taken by a normal camera and without tripod! Not computer edited! Tell me i am good! =P Hahaha

Blur pic of after the meal. So satisfying! That stupid coconut is huge and endless, it can never finish! So much water in there!

Not like tiny Thai ones... also different meat from Malaysians.

Hahah, that last sentence sounds wrong

Headed to FCC, this pub/restaurant bestfriend frequents. Sat on the verrandah on the 3rd floor, overlooking part of the Ton Le Sap river

Windy up there, just chillin out

The Oxfam guy and i

He was explaining what Oxfam is about, they do long term sanitation projects in Cambodian kampongs

Also do emergency projects and he had an emergency meeting the next day so he couldn't bring bestfriend and i go see how those long term projects work. Both she and i were dissapointed but didnt show it

Angkor beer, Cambodia's own fresh brew, really light stuff but being allergic, i stay cautious and didnt drink more than a few sips from her jug

We used his jug of beer to camwhore and used him as a cameraman! HAHAHAH


Xiao Gwei said...

OMG, how did u know what I was thinking about... walau... not bad ar, perli me in your blog adi ar... haha...jk

Sue Lin said...

HAHAHAH, of course i know! Didnt perli u la Xiao Gwei, our conversation was in my mind when i wrote that, thats all! Hahah

Isya said...

yes, you are good with the camera!! that lobby place looks really nice. faster blog more laaaa!!!

Sue Lin said...

Isya hey thanks! And yeah! That lobby place does look nice, i wonder how much is a night there. Shud have just enquired for fun!

Really do wish i could blog more!!! But time is against me! I haven't even LOOKED at all my pictures from the trip u know!?

Susan said...

I like the part in which u obey!

Sue Lin said...

HAHAHAHHAH, u got me laughing out loud! =D