Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 2 in Phnom Penh

Just to save USD 2, bestfriend and i rode Cambodian style!

Thats not us, but that is certainly what we did. 3 on a bike. Mommy, dont tell Papa! Hahahahah.

Went to Russian Market

Bestfriend had to meet Aussie Scott, who is part of the same NGO as her to discuss the recent carpets sale they had. Their carpets was sold out by lunch in the sale!

Also had breakfast - some fried noodle thing with pork and lots of veggie, USD 1 and freshly squeezed orange juice $0.75

I was paranoid to drink it, Bali made me scared of upset tummies. Phobia! But it was actually fine.

So, my bestfriend's NGO, Carpets for Communities. They buy scrap cloth from factories in Cambodia by the tonne

And they employ people to sort through nylon, cotton and polyester.

They only want the bright coloured cotton

The bright baby blue, fire engine red, vibrant yellow piles of cloth will be passed to poor families. The cloth is for the mother to use to make carpets to be sold. All proceeds will go to the families, so that they will have a source of income and the kids can go to school...

That's Tracy with the yellow bag, from the USA, bestfriend met her at Okay Guesthouse before i went to Cambodia. They went to see the temples in Siem Reap together, even shared a room.

Bestfriend convinced her to visit Malaysia as part of her Asian trip instead of Singapore.

And she did! Stayed over at my bestfriend's house for a few days. Went to Petaling Street to buy jade together. She had a problem withdrawing cash and using credit cards in Malaysia, funny how Malaysia doesnt accept American cards...

She called me a camwhore! HAHAHAH

Russian market from the outside

I love taking pictures in the sun! Dry season in Cambodia when i was there.

Bestfriend had to discuss some NGO stuff with C... cant remember how to spell his name, Cambodian guy

He's the one who gave us both a lift on his motorbike. 3 of us on a bike. We passed his university when he was sending us back to OK Guesthouse. He studied Project Management. Everything was in Khmer. I am actually quite thankful that Malay is written in alphabets

My bestfriend, the backpacker NGO, she keeps saying she wishes she was still in Cambodia. She misses riding her bike around Siem Reap town

The narrow stairway to our room

Found my Cambodian trip thrilling cuz prior to this, i have always went for tours with my family, where they always put u in really expensive hotels but u barely have time to enjoy the ambience: u check it late and ur tired, just enough time to shower and go to bed, and u have to get up early the next day, rush through breakfast and get onto the bus. Its just so wasteful, and the agent earns a commission, its so bullshit to me

Our room has what i call the 'Alladin View'

U know in the Disney movie, the first one, where Alladin's a street rat and he lives in this place that overlooks the palace? Kinda feels like that in the guesthouse! HAHAHAHA

Packed our to catch our 12.45pm bus, had a bite to eat in the Guesthouse canteen/lobby/cafe while waiting for the transport to Paramount bus station

It was a random decision to head to the beach!

Bestfriend is a morning person, she woke up early to read the Lonely Planet while i snoooozed. Since we couldn't see the sanitation projects (as mentioned here), she asked "Should we go to Sihanoukville?", i was still half asleep when i said "Ok, lets go..."

Love love love my bestfriend! =)


Isya said...

why is it called Russian market? and soooo dangerousss laaaa sit 3 people!!! aiyo..

and i totally love the "aladdin view" hahahhaaha.

Sue Lin said...

No idea why's it called that...

Yeah, v dangerous, but they drive slow cuz the roads are soooo congested and its just a short distances so not exposed to large amounts of risk?

Hahah, i love the Alladin View too! Too bad i didnt get one from our room window, was rushing a bit. That pic was near the stairs on the way to the room