Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

and a Happy New Year!

This is what the office looks like a few days before Christmas. Almost all managers area on leave, seniors too

I've maxed out my leave for studies earlier this year so i worked. Its good, no jam on the way to work, relaxing when u aren't being watched at work. Hahahah

Will try to blog this long weekend (i'm working on Boxing day though)

Also working on 1st Jan. Stockcounts. I'll get to claim mileage and also extra days off in 2010! =)

Yawn, i got up early to work a lil...


soo imm said...

merry christmas!!
sorry it's a bit late =( hope u had good one ;)

Sue Lin said...

No prob Soo Imm! Yeah it was gooooood =)

Isya said...

why are u working on boxing day!!!!! omg, boo to our firm!!!
Happy Belated Christmas btw.

i havent done my claimsss.. must do before the year ends!

Sue Lin said...

Isya, it was for a stocktake. I drove all the way to North Port in Port Klang and asked to see the client contact and was surprised to hear the 3rd party warehouse ppl say tht there is no stocktake!!!!

Called manager and she kept on apologising to me. Also she said she'd scold client for not updating us on the change of dates.

Its all okay for me, not charging time but get to claim mileage. And i got to go for my friend's bday lunch in Ara D'sara! Also managed to watch Sherlock Holmes, at first there was no ticket for me cuz i initially told them i cant make it gotta work, but in the end one of them couldnt make it so i got to go!

Yes yes must do those claims! =D