Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 there it goes

As early as November, i've started reflecting on the year 2009. I decided that it was a good year, a very good year (even before event no.3 ocurred =)

Firstly, i've met the most important 2009 new year resolution: to pass all exam papers! I've passed 2 of the hardest (or so they say) papers in ICAA and am still waiting for the results of the 3rd paper i've taken

Second, i've travelled a lot. Three overseas trips: Bali, Indonesia; Krabi, Thailand and Cambodia. For a full time career woman who is also studying part time, that is a lot, please dont compare me to those full time bloggers okayyy? I also went to Penang Island =)

Third =) One day i'll tell u about the memorable 2112 event. Its the best Christmas present ever, a present from God, from my parents, also from myself. Its the second time one of my biggest wishes came true. Its something i've worked on for about 5 years

2009 is not without failure and tears, sadness, shock and sorrow:

1. I became a snatch thieve victim. But i was not hurt and am thankful for that
2. I did not get promoted early. Oh well, sometimes u need a little failure in life to push u forward
3. Also had some arguments with E, some of them really serious. But we worked it out
4. Gained 2kg when i havent even lost the 5kg i was supposed to lose. Damn

2009, another year that flew by. I decide not to regret anything, i'm happy with 2009 overall =D When I look back at 2009 i shall smile! How many of u feel the same way? Do share


ying2 said...

Hihi sue..happy new year!! is so true that we went through both sadness and happiness in 2009 which resulted in our personal growth..haha..glad that you have realised your dream!!^-^ALL the Best ya!!

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Ying2! =D Happy new year to u too, may u realize ur dreams this year!

sakurablossom said...

same for me... 2009 is a great year even though there are up and downs :D...but i decided to stay open minded

Isya said...

it's good you had a great year! well, you know what my new year's wish to you is. hehehe. i'm so glad that you're happy again. i was bit worried when u were sad:(

Sue Lin said...

High five Sakurablossom! Will msn one day to get a summary from u! Hehehe

Isya awww so touched to hear u were worried, but i assure u, i'm fine =) just was feeling low that week plus

Jacqueline said...

Everyday is a special day... Make it a great day, k? Cheers!

Sue Lin said...

Hahaha, yeah Jac, after not getting promoted i heard this thing on the radio where this woman managing director always starts her day by thanking God for another day.

I was so depressed that time that doing so actually helped a little! =D Stopped already though