Saturday, December 19, 2009

Primary School Reunion

It started with a class photo uploaded on Facebook. I cant remember how old we were, what standard was it when i saw the tag. Next thing i know, there was a Facebook invite for a reunion

We booked a table for 20 at Alexis, Gardens, but only half of those who clicked on "Yes" on Facebook showed up. All the "maybe"s were a no show.

Its kind of the norm these days for me. Work work work, study study study, blog blog blog, chit chat with family, spend time with the bf. And when i see friends its makan and then catch up for HOURSSSSSSSSSSSS

This was no exception. At first i was afraid that we wouldnt go so well, after all, its been over 10 years! I thought i'd leave by 3pm, but nope, Chat all the way from 1.30pm when i got there till 6.15pm!!!

We had a hard time remembering clearly who's who at first, but the conversation never stopped. There was always a memory to reminiscence, a corner of the school to revisit, a classmate or teacher to talk about.

Only the first picture has 10 people cuz we got to the camwhoring sessions after some of them left. Using my Canon Ixus 800 self timer with 5 shots frame =) Love this function

This last few shots with the coffee table was on our way out.

WL said it was a nice view so we took the pix.
I wanted one with the decorations, pardon me, i havent been to a mall since before xmas deco was up.

Oh man why am i so short?!?!? Life ain't fair. No wonder girl in the middle doesnt look as heavy as she says she is. Its cuz she's tall! She's the only one wearing flats. Damn, thats the reason why i always wished i was taller, its easier to stay slim
WL, EC and i headed to Bangsar Village 2 to meet up with DLYY who's back after over 2 years in Melbourne. My Spicy Seafood was tasteless! Never ordering it again, wasted RM 29 there =(

The girls. A couple of DLYY and WL's college guy friends were there too, funny people. One of the guys was working today (public holiday), he said cuz the co he works for is being audited and when he was introduced to me his first words were "I hate auditors!" Hahaha!

Chat from 7ish till 9.45pm! So tired! Another long day tmr! And Sunday too! =D


LEC said...

You are not short, just an average height for a girl =) i'm wearing flats because...It is so hard walking on heels for such long hours. fyi, i bought all the heels for my own satisfaction and display purposes...hahahahaha

Sue Lin said...

Hie EC!!! I dont wanna be average! I wish i was standing above average like u! So nice!!!

We didnt walk much what, thats why i wore heels! Hahah, usually my heels are on display at home like urs

Isya said...

hey hey!
the same thing happened to me laaa. tagging of high school photo, a facebook group was formed, talks of reunion but yet to happen. i think i'm suppose to plan it or something but i'm too busy right now :(

and yes, u're not short!!

Sue Lin said...

Hey Isya! Thats the power of Facebook! Even my mom's old high school have their own blog with class photos up!

I understand what u mean, auditors are wayyy to busy to plan these things, a student and an advertising gal did all the planning.

I didnt even open the invite! Just clicked yes when they started emailing us. Hahah, teruk right?

Isya said...

hahahha. i attempted to be proactive by creating the facebook group. then i made my friend admins. and err.. kinda left it at that. boo me!!

Sue Lin said...

Hahhaha, its a start =D Can always get back to it later!