Sunday, June 29, 2008

From the Heart, Spilling my Guts

I cannot stand the power imbalance in this world, the injustice of life.

I've been brought up to believe that Malaysia is a developing nation, but perhaps i am wrong. Isn't Malaysia is a third world country? Isn't Malaysia JUST one of the most developed 3rd world countries?

Labour laws aren't strong enough. And the Asian culture just makes things worse. Everyone, at least everyone in the industry i am in, is so appallingly "willing" to work like slave labourers. And some of them actually call it charity work!

Erm, hello, charity is helping the needy, u know, those in poverty? When we work over time without getting paid our over time, it is purely making the rich richer. I can elaborate on that but it'd be way too too long

Back to the Asian culture. Almost no one dares to fight for their rights, they just accept things, they dont stand as one, they simply fear authority, complain a bit and thats it, no action taken. Hofstede's Theory. Asian countries have high power distance.

Man, i should do honours on this topic. Hm... maybe later on. It is something i believe in. Something i loathe so so much.

Wow, i actually wrote well, if i do say so myself, much better than my first draft of this post anyway.

Now, my weekend. Sat morn, i woke up at 6.20am, the exact same time i woke up Friday morning, i started panicking, thinking that i am late for work. Then i realize its Saturday.

Instead of feeling relieved, i felt annoyed. What sort of destructive stress i am under? How the effing hell, could i get up at exactly 6.20am without the alarm ringing?

Managed to push work out of mind and snuggled up back in bed, resuming beautiful slumber. Spent most of the day at Celebrity Fitness with ex-schoolmate SY for a special event. Bollywood dance class is SERIOUSLY SO MUCH FUN.

Friends for 8 years! At Delicious in One U. Love their pasta, check out her blog for more pix

Then dinner with E in Sheraton Imperial Hotel KL. It's supposed to be free but we got conned into paying RM29.90 for WATER alone. I wanted to cry man! The hospitality training the waiter went to must have been REALLY REALLY GOOD. Too bad they only taught waiters how to con the unknowing customer but they dont teach their staff to cook as well as the staff in Sheraton Imperial Subang.

I loved the dessert though.

Kahlua, cream and mangoes, so yummy, splendid! Only the coffee is consistent in both Sheraton Imperial Subang and KL.

We were celebrating E's bday =)
Picture taken at his home though. Oooh, and cake's good! Also from Imperial's restaurant, Essence.


+ : A d a M : + said...

haha u should talk to ms. elsa. she wrote a journal article on the link between shareholder activism and malaysian we're too afraid to speak up against corporate powers. i can pass it to u if u want..=p

but....only when u give me PB!! hahah

Sue Lin said...

Oh she did?! I WANT!

Shit man, i really feel like doing honours with her now! HAHAHAHA. I admired her alot in Biz Law

But i kinda scared, if i write such an article, later HR ppl dun like me, dun wanna hire me cuz i'd look like such a demanding employee

We swap k? And i wanna borrow all ur employment law note as well

She's Jess said...

My dad & sis had that cake for their b'day.

Very chocolatey. Am not a choc person.

Sue Lin, don't get too tensed up on the work issue. After all, we are in this place called "Malaysia" :S

Sue Lin said...

Oooh, i loved that cake. So yummy! I'm a chocolate person

Very... subconsciously tensed la. I woke up at 6.24am again today without alarm!

I think Malaysia needs to change

Sue Lin said...

Change for the better

Zhen said...

Hey, thanks for the comment. I didn't know you still read my blog (I still lurk in yours occasionally, btw). Yeah, holidays kinda sucky this time around, but that was what I signed up for, I suppose.

Re: Labour laws, last week the Student Council had to give a presentation to a group of Clayton law students who came up here to study Asian Law. When it was mentioned that a lot of part timers here earn RM4.50 per hour in comparison to their average of AUD20 per hour, they went all wide-eyed. And they wonder why we're flocking to their country.

Sue Lin said...

Heyyy, no problem! To be honest i only occasionally read yours n comment on whatever topic relates to me. And i guess u are right, we get what we signed up for!

Must be interesting la, Monash now having things like these visits u keep talking about!

But i thought AUD20 was just for telemarketers? Fastfood is about AUD10 to 15, Depends on age and how far away from the city ur part time job is?

mich said...

hi there,

this is Michelle from Adam's blog ;)

Sue Lin said...

Lol! Hey, Michelle! =)