Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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What to do when you receive this award. The rules begin:
  1. Copy the award above to be placed in your blog
  2. State 5 interesting facts about the person who grant you this award
  3. Every blogger must state 10 facts or hobbies before passing the award
  4. You have to choose 10 receivers of the award and describe them
Received this award from Traclyn. Let's start on the five facts about her.
  • Known each other for at least 7 years (high school)
  • Never really spoken to each other until we 'met' in the blogging world
  • She writes good stuff on make up tips and products
  • I remember being nervous before choral speaking in school before assembly. She was sitting in the front row and she smiled at me. Was really comforting. =)
  • Wonder if she remembers that little gesture.

10 facts or hobbies of mine

- Came home from work at 10.45pm today =(
- I want so much more in life
- I miss Krabi

- I am planning to go to Krabi again, wanna come? Drop me a comment if u wanna join!
- I'm supposed to help a friend promote her handmade accessory shop
- I passed my first Chartered Accountancy paper!!!
- Got credit for it too! Damn happy cuz i thought i would fail
- I owe charities RM 500 cuz i vowed to make a donation if i pass
- I stopped doing tags for many years but this breaks that
- My legs are aching from gym yesterday...


Traclyn Yeoh said...

I seriously don't remember the gesture dear! But I'm glad that I've comforted you that way. I remember for being a conductress in form 2, 4 & 5. The importance of smile on stage gives a lot of meaning, even for the ones who is not on the stage.

You were so quite and shy back then though. Speaks so soft. I remember I always go 'hhhuuuuuhhhhh????' :P

Enjoy the award dear. Keep it in your site proudly.

*pssst it's mega sales now. don't wanna shop?

Sue Lin said...

Traclyn, hey! Yeah, on ur part it was just a smile, on mine it made a difference! HAHA

Wow, there are so many things i dont remember about u. Forgot that u were a cheerleader in school... were u in Green? Cant recall properly! Now i find out u were conductress?! Wow for 3 years somemore, i think i remember u standing on the chair conducting! HAHAHA

Yeahhh i was painfully quiet. Thats one thing i changed in the past 6 years =) Still not ideal but a lot better than in school already

Want! Wanna shop! But i'm saving for the future and for trips! I love trips so so much. Also i feel a strong sense of achievement when i dont shop! HAHAHA

Sue Lin said...

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