Thursday, February 01, 2007


Finally took off my braces!!! =) Not perfect but i'm happy.

So. U can't blame me for wanting to camwhore a little =) Click on it to enlarge

My sis did my hair and i love it! Going to miss my sis soo soo much when i'm in Aust =(

Here's picture of me and my standard normal looking but beloved new laptop, as requested by J

Really wanna blog more but i have too much to do, too much... don't have time to list down what i have to do. See ya!


Joey said...

Congratz! Looks pretty straight :D

Can't help but keep smiling in the mirror, rite? Hehe...I remember the feeling.

Awww...I want a sis to play with my hair, too! :P

Woot! New laptop. Fuyohhh hehe

typlotion said...

u don't look any diff wut today...aren't you??

Anonymous said...

Um.. I've noticed that you bought a dell laptop.
I'ts screen brightness is very low, hope you wont have problems with that they are too dark. Nice teeth nd all, cute.

sue lin said...

Joey, thanks! =)

Ya lor, kept smiling in d mirror! Hehe

Little sisters are great. 10months without her... aiyoh... i've been hugging her a lot and trying to spend more time with her lately

Typlotion, of cuz la... the teeth was already like that what. Only difference is no more metal ady.

Anonymous, thanks!!
I prefer dark screens since the bright ones hurt my eyes, so its cool =) Anything else about Dell u'd like 2 share?

Anonymous said...

No, I don't know much about Dell other than that it's dark. I bought myself a HP Compaq, had problems with making up my mind too either HP Compaq or Toshiba.. which brand it should be. They are slightly more expensive than Dell but they are much brighter.
Brightness hurts your eyes so you can always take a few notches off. Problem is when you start losing vision of what's on your screen and it happens when your laptop gets older, no exception.

Valdez Lisa said...

ei..?really?I don't notice today le. Sorry!!! But can imagine la. definitely look prettier after taking off the braces...

sue lin said...

Anonymous, i never knew the screen gets darker as it gets older... the thing is i turned the brightness down 4 notches as it is...

Ps. Mind telling me where u are from, so i know whether i should use my Malaysian slang when replying your comments? =) And maybe tell me a bit about yourself too??

V Lisa, hahaha, its ok, my sis and all dun realize it too unless i tell them. =) Much much easier to eat without braces! =) =)

Anonymous said...

Um.. I come from Poland though im in England. You sort of know me. I decided to step by for a second and see how your blog looks like again. No harm done this time :P
No malaysian slang plx, nothing against Malays or malaysian things, I just don't think i could understand your slangs :)
Want to hear something about myself? I wear glasses too, my teeth are nice too, my hair is not as long as yours, in fact it's very short :) I got a laptop too though it's HP Compaq. I work and not study anymore :P

I think it's way too much information I provided you with:)

supplementals said...

arent u gonna miss ur brother? :p

Anonymous said...

lol, I don't have any brothers nor sisters, don't need ones - very short hair that they couldn't play with :P

sue lin said...

Anonymous, ohhhh, its u! It gets confusing! And hey, sorry for not replying your email... still havent gotten to it yet.

And hey, my teeth's not naturally nice. Plus i have less 4 teeth than a normal human... had 2 pull them out for the braces.

Nope, its not 2 much info =) Congrats on completing that thesis! =)

Supplementals no. Hahaha! We hardly talk la.

Anonymous, so u are an only child? How do u find it??

The hair stylist cut my hair too much... i'm sad =(

tom said...

haha, it's ok, don't need to reply to that mail, it's nothing that you would be interested in anyway, doesn't contain too much of accounting stuffs :)

From what I can see your teeth are decent and neat looking ones so I claim that the braces helped you a lot :)

My thesis.. hehe, it was just a stroll :p

yup yup, I'm the only child. You know it's not as common in Europe to have many children as I believe in Asia in general. I find that crap to be honest, but what I can do.. I'm sure I will prevent it myself as in I will have more than one child :P

Your long, black hair is great, I don't find a reason for you to complain about it.

typlotion said...

Um..I came from Kazakhstan though im in Iraq lol.

tom said...

ah! if you were in USA I would guess you were Borat :P

typlotion said...

ya i'm Borat. I like you. I like sex! It's nice~

Valdez Lisa said...

Don't feel sad. Hair will still grow!!!

sue lin said...

Tom, i haven't even read d mail! =P sorry! I will as soon as i'm not so busy preparing to leave for Australia.

Yup, d braces made me happy, big difference. U can say ur thesis was a stroll now that its over! And about Asia's babies... it really varies from counrty to country and also between races in each country...

Don't remind me abt my long hair, its gone! =( Went for a haircut and a perm Monday cuz i heard that haircuts are very expensive in Aust!

Typlotion, your bullshit always makes me laugh la. So crappy la u... not from Msia but in Aust meh?? Since when u in Iraq?

V Lisa, ya... waiting 4 it 2 grow... aiyoh she really cut so short and i curled it too. So its puffy! Elwyn called me auntie!

teapenguin said...

new laptop babe? din tell also.. tell lah tell lah


uni is abt to start.. without MY SP
and we havent drafted a long distance plan yet!

Sue Lin said...

teapenguin!!! I didnt know you commented! Here i am, over 2 years later reading and replying to your comment! So much has happened, huh? =)