Saturday, March 28, 2009

My 23rd Birthday

was a simple one, quite a nice day at work, worked with a SUPER nice manager who called ME boss, and a really nice senior who lent me phone charger, but too bad it was incompatible...

Was damn sad that i forgot my camera for the little Chilli's gathering ZH coaxed me into having. On the 18th March my family sang me the birthday song and snapped some pictures! =)


Damn happy to have my VERY own cake!!! Oooh, the roses were ordered from Australia! From my very dear best friend, WS and RC .

I came home from work to find it waiting for me! So shocked, felt so loved! There was a box with Ferrerro Rocher with it =) They really didn't have to!

More presents! Most of them unexpected! =P

My mom brought Swarovski home and showed it to me, i was admiring it and then she said its for u! WHAT, damn shocked and happy

U know i was reading Revenue recognition and there is specific accounting methods for Customer Loytalty Programs, god, how tedious tht must be!

So pretty, i love my mommy!!!

Next the Taboo game set from JC and the earrings from SL

I'm sure you don't wanna see my purple phone again, i'll just mention its from my baby E!

Last but not least, the first top i ever "bought" online

Sent AN an sms order, asked him to book the item from his gf's online shop, XOXO Chic and he decided to get it for me as my earliest bday present of the year! So sweet! =) =) He's like a lil brother to me, and his gf has been nothing but nice to me!

Eh, supplementals, u are like a big bro to me! =) =)

Ok, i am so off topic, back to the books! Crap i am so slow with studies

But first THANK YOU once again for all wishes, be it through this blog, Facebook, smses, or phone calls, over msn or in person! Made my day!


Valdez Lisa said...

Happy belated birthday.

Sorry that i did not wish you until now. =p

Sue Lin said...

Ohhh its alright! Dun worry abt it! THANKSSSS!!! =) U done the UKQ? I need to ask u some stuff... will call u soon

supplementals said...

ooo, how lovely! now i need to get u something for the personal mention :p

Daniel said...

hey, happy belated birthday!

taboo is such an awesome present!

to obtain best results, must use product with alcohol.

Isya said...

eh, i love ur bracelet!!!! so nice and your flowers are soo lovely!!!!
AND TABOO!!! oh man... i love taboo!!! sorry soo many exclamation marks. but i have to agree with daniel, but used with alcohol ;)

ying2 said...

Haha gonna wear that bracelet and dress out more often...keke coz seem like look really nice on you..haha..^-^

Sue Lin said...

Supplementals, haha, no need la, just tolerating all my bullshit is way more than enough. I send some people a fraction of what i send u and they said i complain too much! =P

Daniel and Isya, thanks! Hahah, yeah, can imagine how funny it will be!

No prob about the exclamation marks, i tend to overuse it very often myself =)

Ying2, thanks!!! I'll take ur advise =)

soo imm said...

happy belated birthday!!
i would have been in fridays if it din cost me 8 hours to fly back LOL.
and i luv ur bracelet!! mommy has good taste!

Sue Lin said...

It was Chilli's. Haha, its alright. Thanks for sending me the birthday wish from Australia that day itself! =)

Traclyn Yeoh said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! My birthday is coming soon too...

Sue Lin said...

Oooohhhhh thanks for the reminder! I so need that! Happy Birthday! =) Gonna wish u on Facebook as well

Anonymous said...

Gosh u're actually younger than me! lol
Poh Nean

Sue Lin said...

Ehhh, Poh Nean! Hey! Ya ma, u did the double degree whattt.

Ur only one yr older than me right?