Saturday, November 15, 2008

Happy Happy Happy!

Mom won tickets from Discovery Channel for me, beats me why Discovery has a contest for the Quantum of Solace, but what the hell, Premier Class in Signature GSC! =)

First time there and free popcorn lined the seats waiting for us! Yeah!

Doesn't matter if we didn't get the blankets other bloggers keep talking about, pretty comfortable even without. And got free drinks too

The happy couple:

with our tickets:

The movie? Errr... Casino Royale was much better lah.
Thats all

We shall move on. To something i'm DYING to blog about. Did ya notice? Did u? Did u! Did you??

Was trying to be both humble but obvious at the same time... Hehe, lame, whatever, over the moon with my first intangible asset =)

Doesn't meet the recognition criteria of asset but --stops the accounting talk-- whatever.

I've bought and I am shit happy =) =)

Try it =) But all it does now is redirects to my Blogspot. Again, whatever, i'm HAPPY!

How was it possible? I know people who know people! HAHAHA, just felt like saying tht, too happy.

Special Thank You to her and him!


supplementals said...

COOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL! ROCK* ooo, my word verification is tehtea! haha

Sue Lin said...

HAHAHAH, coincidence!
And thanks! =) Happy

She's Jess said...

Hey, you two look so happy! I am envious. I got no pics with my man :S

And don't bother going to whatever Gold Class. Not worth it. I still prefer the normal one.. Prefer watching with a huge crowd!

Congrats on having yr own domain!

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Jess! Why don't u two just go snap some pix with ur new phones??? Pictures dont cost anything but they are worth millions =)

Yeah, we've never gone for Gold Class, the only time he wanted to go for it was for Star Wars but i hate Star Wars so we've never thought of Gold Class again after tht. Hahha

I think downloaded movies are still the best, no cut scenes! Hahah

bacterium said...

Hey... We do have pictures together...

Sue Lin said...

No harm getting more! One of my ex-schoolmate n her bf ALWAYS has new pictures, ALWAYS. I used to look on Friendster and her msn pic always changes.

She's Jess said...

Oh well, we have like... one after don't know how many months.

Oh ya, pirated rocks! :p

Sue Lin said...

Haha, sometimes we also forget to take pictures. But tht day was kinda excited at the way they put in the free popcorn, thts why started taking pix. AHAHA