Sunday, November 09, 2008


My father was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday and was told to rest at home

I am on study break this week and it was kinda nice having my father around. We talked quite a lot =)

The maid cooked a feast every night come dinner time (Sydney aunt and uncle is here visiting too), we never have such fancy home cooked dinners unless it is a Sunday. It was really nice to have the whole family sit together for dinner for so many nights in a row

Everyday felt like Sunday. To me, a Sunday never feels like Sunday unless my father is around. Any day can feel like a Sunday when he is at home.


She's Jess said...

As I grow, I find myself appreciating my time with my family too.

Why? I saw many lost or almost lose their beloved ones.

I don't want to regret by the end of the day.

Send my regards to yr dad :) And take good care of uncle ya? :p

Sue Lin said...

I know Jess, i am really lucky and thankful that my father made it through. And thanks =)