Saturday, August 30, 2008

Too Fast Too Furious

Life's hectic. Fast paced. I can't keep up, i cant.

Been based in the co's office and not clients place these few weeks. Been talking to friends of friends and can barely remember all of them (which is not good). There are just too many people. All my colleagues! God, so many!

So much can happen too. I found out that Monash shitted me. They didn't give proper advice to the average clueless second year student that i was in 2006. I did MALAYSIAN company law.

As a requirement for the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia (ICAA), i need AUSTRALIAN company law. So now i am a semester behind my batchmates in beginning my ICAA.

Instead, i am now a Help University College Student doing a paper with Charles Sturt University (CSU), doing LAW220 Business Organisations Law. Ada student card somemore, i look like shit in it.

Crap. I really wanted to go back to uni, but not in this context


Sue Lin said...

God, life can be such a BITCH.
Hate it when i have to enter an email address. If i enter the yahoo one, that means i cannot read my mail while i am at work. If i enter the work one, i will have to go turn on the work laptop at home, log in to VPN, dig out the damn vasco device from my handbag for the dual security shit BEFORE i can access the work email at home. Shit shit shit. Lots of life's fertilizer.

supplementals said...

lol fertilizer. Can u make 2 accounts? 1 yahoo, 1 work.

Sue Lin said...

Dun think so... can i? Have u done that before uni mate?

supplementals said...

yes. cause of some stupid help malfunction i ended up making 2 accounts with 2 diff email. Only using 1 though :p Try it out and let me know if it works WITHOUT the malfunction

Sue Lin said...

OoOoh, i certainly will. But got prob entering the myacel from the work laptop. Something about we need to enable cache or something, mafan