Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Week 3 So Far

Another half day off Wednesday! =) The last of its kind.

I've received an email regarding my first audit job next week! I will have to leave for work on Monday and come home on FRIDAY! Or so i gather from this line in the email:

"The job is in XXX. We are staying at the college itself for the whole duration of the audit work. We are expected to finish the audit within one week."

Auditing a college? I have no clue what i will have to do!! Exciting and scary at the same time. Hmmm... i wonder if their hostels are as good as Monash Condo...

DREAM on la...
this is NOT Lim Kok Wing,
this is NOT Nottingham...

So today, I stayed back to do up my homework, chucked my laptop in the safe room before leaving the office to go SHOPPING! Hahahaha

Detailed listing of 16 items i bought for permanent work (i previously bought some working clothes for my internship).

I also got a FREE genuine FRESH pearl from Cosmo Pearls cuz i spent RM50 in Isetan. Kinda kesihan the oyster... the guy actually cut the thing open, pierce its flesh with a knife and out came the shiny pearl as u normally see on jewelry. Right in front of my eyes


supplementals said...

All the best eh? from what i heard, nilai is a greattt place to be!

to study :p

Also from what i heard, those pearl oysters are thrown back so they can make more pearls only to get robbed by some human again. Pity those restaurant fresh oysters instead la... kena tobasco and lemon sumore..

Sue Lin said...

Thank u very much!

I dun eat oysters so... i dun feel guilty there =P