Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I hate that i cannot blog whatever the Fcuk i want. But i gotta deal with it.

Anyways, to cut the long story short. Patience paid off. Luck is on my side. Perhaps a wish came true? =)

I am gonna go to a fashion company for an audit tomorrow! =)

Its only a day thingie though. Totally unexpected =) Senior D smsed me out of the blue.

She... or maybe he (unisex name, someone i've never even met) says that i'll be doing vouching, one of the most SIEN part of auditing but whaddaya expect, newbies like me gotta do da sh!t jobs eh?

Nevertheless i am HAPPY!! I LOVE this brand. I wear their merchandise! Their office dress code is casual, i get to dress in their apparel!

No collar shirts and heels tomorrow, i am gonna wear jeans and sports shoes to work, yeah! =)

Ok, enough, i know u can see me smiling already


Valdez Lisa said...

hey, it sounds cool. what brand is that? got discount? grad few pieces if got..hee...

Sue Lin said...

Ehhh i thought i replied? Anyway, its only 30% off and only samples there in the office. Besides we were too busy to ask about buying =(

Valdez Lisa said... is okay. 30% off...not bad..