Saturday, April 19, 2008

Week 5

Happier now that my vibrator is working. Damn attached to it and reluctant to get a new one.

Hahah, let me rephrase that. The vibrator in my phone is working again! I dropped my phone quite frequently a few weeks ago and it stopped vibrating when there are calls and messages.

Never had time to bring it to the repair shop to get a quotation and then ehhhh, suddenly its working again! =) MAGIC!

Other than that week 5 really sucks and i dun wanna relive it here. Last night's steamboat dinner with E and his mom was heavenly though! Great company great food. A couple of cockroaches running about in the restaurant though.

A baby one on our table damnit, crawled under my plate and it jumped on ME! But i will still go back there again. Thats the POWER of Malaysian food.

When we called for the bill forgot about the lil pest, damn cud have asked for some sorta discount? Hahah

And thats Malaysian attitude.

Wednesday morn at work was cool. Did Property, Plant and Equipment sighting. Kinda exciting. Obtained a register of Fixed Assets and randomly picked what i wanted to see. Nice touring various parts of the school as opposed to being cooped up in the office. They have damn good musical instruments in the music room and a student broke this metallic blue guitar... had to note down that one of the assets- the guitar is broken. It was only purchased last year!

Spent most of Thurs n Fri in the office. Reunited with another Ausmat friend, C, we weren't that close in Ausmat but she's so helpful and chatty. And she's getting married at the end of the year!!

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Sue Lin said...

The week continued to suck Sat morning. Got rejected AGAIN, but this time i saw it coming, i knew i would be rejected. I didnt make much of an effort anyway so i dont really blame them for rejecting me. Cant expect another magical thing to happen can i?

Bummed but didnt shed a tear.

Hung out with E the rest of the day. Watched the rest of Pan's Labyrinth and a documentary of earth... pasar malam and a nice phone call with my Ex- Study Partner