Saturday, April 05, 2008

Week 3, the rest of

3 weeks of training ended with a 'graduation' night - a dinner with family and leaders at Le Meridien!

Back row: C, E, N, MY, LT, C, AL, V, H and me
Front row: errrmmm... i never got his name, HE, JC and Triple C

This is just a sample of us. There were 22 tables there that night. Quite a big group of us assurance people had an after party after the dinner. At a place near work, lol!

E was damn sweet to come all the way to pick me up from the club at midnight =) Thanks baby!

Now i gotta prepare for the college i am gonna audit, sooo sooo lazy! I havent started. Plus i gotta pack! =((( I am driving there, i dont care, so that i dont have to pack light i can pack a whole Kancil full of stuff =P

Whaddaya know, the manager told me that its an elite boarding school, a private-RM20,000plus-a-year secondary school! Come on, the hostel has gotta be decent! Not too much to expect aircon in the room la right? Hehe

Anyways, work laptop disallows msn so i'll be MIA for the whole of next week. I shall be reading True Singapore Ghost Stories at night... or maybe not, hostel and ghost stories aren't such a good mix eh?

U know, some stuff of being an auditor can be really cool. Am gonna get to check out various offices, poke around public companies' financial statements and question them! Indirectly politely accuse them of fraud and money laundering (of course, if they provide proper documents, they are off the hook =).

Damn funny yesterday we had a training session on Anti Money Laundering. Half the class were talking about the upcoming after party on Sametime, which is kinda like msn.

We shown this form to report companies for money laundering... in the form u gotta fill out a name and an ic number of the company u wanna report.

Usually when u see forms that asks for a name, u wud think of filling up your own name right? HAHAAHAH, imagine if someone didnt pay attention in training and then reported THEMSELVES for money laundering. I laughed hysterically. Ok i am lame.

I'll talk about the cons of my job when they come around, when i am in tears. Hey! This week i didnt cry at all! =)

But shit, tummy is HUGE! Have been well fed by my company! Been eating like mad. And the boarding school will provide food as well! Shittttt... is that a good thing or a bad thing?

In the company's HR policies, we are given RM30 a day for outstation work... so if we are provided food, does that mean i forfeit my RM150 for the week i spend away from home???? =(((

Time will tell. Gotta go!

Oh, and a BIG hello to Z, u know who u are! =) Ur ex-housemate in Caulfield N and i spoke! I never knew u read my blog! Hope i dun bore ya!


supplementals said...

LOL was just at Le Meridien for dinner the night before

Sue Lin said...

Whoa serious? For ur bday???

Valdez Lisa said...

Wow...PwC's training sounds so fun...
Enjoy your work :P

Sue Lin said...

Hahah, regret or not u reject???

That was just the training part of work... today is like my 2nd day really working only... not so bad so far... felt sad for only like a few minutes

supplementals said...

Yeap :)

z said...

helloo Sue Lin!! ahahaha. erm i didn't notice u were referring your last line to me till i finished reading the whole sentenceee. then i was like, eh..??? that sounds like me! AHAHHA

Sue Lin said...

HAHAHAHAH, yeah, thats why i wrote it that way! =) How's it there in Frankston?

Becky said...

hey i think i knoe triple c... was he frm Sunway? he's my ex-classmate in pre-u. hahaha... he's in PWC now too?!

Sue Lin said...

Aiya... Becky i forgot what pre-u u did d la! HAHAHA, always cant seem to remember!

Yeah, he's from Sunway.

DAmn coincidence everytime i put up a pic someone surely knows someone!