Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Somewhere in between Seremban and KL...

The wireless is SUPER fast here! Maybe cuz my senior and i are the only two people utilising the college's entire wireless network? The students here are on holiday, lucky them!

All to ourselves! Hehe, all 6 parts Malaysian Dreamgirl loaded concurrently within 5 minutes!
But i havent watched it yet. Busy catching up with blogs, i didnt realize i havent been reading u guys punya blogs since i started work! Over 3 weeks wei. Minta maaf ye?

So, my very first day at (actual) work yesterday:

I stepped in the client's place, tried to make sure that my senior was the first to walk in and i, a couple of steps behind. The clients were super nice and they kinda announced "The auditors are here"

Man, my heart raced as i heard that, its like shit, thats me!

Had lunch first, was brought to the canteen by the Bursar... kinda like equivalent to a CEO i guess! Nice person. Served us drinks man! Haha. Finance Head showed senior and i to our shared room.

Then we set up our laptops in this room in the office which is to be the auditors room for the duration of the audit.

My feet were sweating like MAD. Started working at 2 something and by 3 o clock i already put into practice what we learnt in training: interviewing the client.

A lot less formal than the simulations we did but so insanely similar! I see the accounts assistant and she refers me to the Finance Head, just as in the training!

So thankful that i am blessed with DAMN understanding clients for my first assignment unlike the mean ones the trainings aimed to prepare us for! =)

I know auditing aint as fun as say, modelling but u know... i was excited and happy for a good few hours there. Worked till 9pm and it didnt feel like a drag...

Had dinner in this small town at about 6... the drive feels like i'm on holiday, the trunk roads were so smooth the KL jams at 6pm seemed a lifetime away...

This morning i got up at 7.55am! MUAHAHAHAHA, thats like... 1 and a half hours later than i normally get up. Cooooool =) Got dressed and then senior n i drove to the office which is like 1km from the hostel but wtf la. Hahahahahah

Gonna do a bit of work now...


Sue Lin said...

YAYYYYYY! My senior was proud of me!

I found something weird and asked the client about it in front of my senior.

(the client was about to leave the office at 5.05pm and came by to our room to let us know that she left the room open for me)

And i was right! And the amount was RM13000++ aka it is a big amount

My senior smiled and said "You found an adjustment"

!!!!!!!!! =))))

Okay, back to vouching if u know what that means...

Sue Lin said...

11.55pm... senior just done checking my work for the past 4 days... poor her, over one and a half hours checking

While i read blogs.

She checked cuz her last junior was scolded by the manager...

So sweet of her to check my work!

I vow to take good care of my future juniors properly next time...

I am so lucky so far with my first assignment...

Joey said...

Hehe...not too familiar with all the terminology, but things sound like it's going smooth. Kudos for spotting the adjustment!

"Man, my heart raced as i heard that, its like shit, thats me!"
But didn't you also sorta felt like, "Oh, that's me, that's me!" Like kinda proud?...hehe

supplementals said...

wow, guardian angel at work. Sweeettt. and GRATS on finding something weird! :D

She's Jess said...

Good you are enjoying yr work there.

And oh.. you following with Malaysian Dreamgirl now? :) More to talk abt next time.

Take care.

Sue Lin said...

Joey haha, i'll try my best to lay off the terminology next time but... its sometimes just the best word... dilemma... HAHAHA

It was more like... shocked, not prepared, not ready kind of "shit, thts me!"

Supplementals, HAHAAH, thanks man! =) u rock*

Not guardian angel la, but... a really sweet, nice, caring, easy to talk to senior who is capable, admirable and... she's just great la =)

Jess... u are the 2nd person to say tht i am enjoying my work... i still dunno if thats true or not

All i can say that SO FAR it hasnt been as BAD as i thought la, thats all i can say. For now.

Yup, that night after talking to u n Elwyn i watched a few episodes. And then in the hostel, my Prison Break was not working so i went to watch Msian Dreamgirl la.

Yeah definitely gotta talk to ya more =) U take care 2