Saturday, March 29, 2008


Its actually not that bad a week at work la. But bad traffic is the easiest way to KILL me.

I cant bring myself to talk about the positive side right now... need to lash out. Gonna bitch about something entirely different, someone who's identity i do not have to bother hiding.

Okay lets start! Feature person for bashing purposes today is

Jimmy White

If that is his real name.

That bugger is an irritating person who goes around adding girls he doesn't know on Facebook. I normally only accept people i know or people who's pictures look familiar. Others i will send a message clarifying where we've met/did u mistakenly add me...

Gave me stupid reply which clearly shows that he has been randomly adding people. I mean girls.

I looked at his profile 1340 friends. First page were all girls Annie, Daizy, Mira, Abby, Tiffany, Sylvia, Lily, Amanda Janice Fanny Rita Jacelyn, Emily, Crystal

and 3 people named Su Ann on page one itself........

All pictures of girls. Why bother venturing onto page 2?

I DONT wanna be like, the 3rd Sue Lin on some STUPID ****less guy's Facebook list

So damned irritating

Since its someone i dont have to bother being nice to, i just sent bitchy replies! Hehe! =)


supplementals said...

sad sad SAD fella... maybe those girls are his own made up accounts to look cool too

Sue Lin said...

Doesn't look cool at all, just so LAME and bloody irritating!