Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What i've been up to

Lets not talk about what i've been feeling these days and lets talk about what i've been doing these days.

Monday. Interview with one of the Big 4s. Went really well, the manager who interviewed me is someone i can admire, sets a good example hardworking, is really nice and not intimidating at all, really too bad i already made up my mind to go with another firm. Hopefully i didnt make the wrong choice.

Then i went to watch 10,000bc with E. Student price for the last time perhaps? Pretty good movie, just as JW told E. During the movie, the human resource from the firm i called me. She asked me if i was free to talk and i had said yes despite the fact that u can hear D'Leh, the lead character speaking clearly in the background!

AN joined us for dinner. We ate at a restaurant under the same franchise i worked with in Australia. Only about half as good. And they don't serve the wraps nor do they serve the ribs! I had lots of the wrap before i left but i never tried the ribs! =(

Tuesday. Did some banking. Thank god for internet banking, i do not wanna be like those poor souls who have to do their banking during lunch hours. And i am so shitlucky that Maybank is opening shopping mall branches that open till 9pm!

Then met with CT at Monash. That girl is still the same, made me laugh the way she talks. Now she goes without her lip piercing.

Unintentionally i met up with another fren. I saw her come out of the lift, so familiar and i called out her name, PW! She was happy to see me as i was happy to see her. One of my first semester friends!

Then i went off to attend a lecture with AN and MT! Hahahaha, just for fun. My LAST Monash lecture if i cant make it for the one on Thurs =P Omg, i really am clinging on to dear student life.

Spoke to KC cuz i saw him outside the lecture hall! Lepaked in Musa Lounge cuz that's AN's hang out place, watched them play fooseball and listen in on their conversations. =P

Drove off to meet my beloved ex-study partner, who is my prospective business partner! Hahaha. Love this girl! She is one of the few people i'd wake up to meet at 8am.

8am damnit! Do u have the power to make me willingly wake up early for u? Hehehe

Speaking of which, i gotta get up early to service my SLK (Small Little Kancil)! Nights!


Sue Lin said...

oops, my blog posts are still on Aussie time!

Joey said...

Finally, I've time to catch up on blogs. I've been slaving away for my dissertation. Boo :(

Hope everything's ok on your side. So...does that mean you got a job?

Sue Lin said...

Its alright Joey! No problem! Hope ur dissertation is going well! =) What is a dissertation?

Everything's.... ok on average i guess. Mood swings up n down. Yeah got a job, staring on Monday, my bday! oh my god!

+ : A d a M : + said...

if i had panicked a bit more about int trade law then i could have woken u up at 8am too..=P

Sue Lin said...

Hahahah, but our class was at like 11am not mehhh???

Why la u didnt panic more... wasted, u were supposed to turn me into vegetarian for one month remember the bet?