Thursday, July 26, 2007


Hung out with 3 newfound friends and housemate HS in KFC in the afternoon today.

This school girl (they wear uniforms and each school has its own compulsory bag. So, school kids in Msia, ur lucky to get to carry almost any bag u want. Shit i miss my old Guess backpack i used to use as my school bag from form 2 till SPM).

So, this schoolgirl just came up to our table, and LEANED across to put this little container and disposable wooden chopsticks on the table RIGHT in front of me.

Looked directly at me and said
"My friend over there says she thinks you're really cute",
and points at her table.

SHE thinks you're really cute. SHE! Oh my god. If its a GUY its not so bad... Plus these kids aren't older than 17.

Smiled and said thanks, thats all they usually expect i guess. Was told that no matter what, u have to layan(entertain) all these weird shit.


meL.a.Nie said...

woah...attraction from da same sex?not bad huh..hehehe..

Patchay said...

wow.. the world has changed tremendously... same sex orientation is soo common nowadays haih

sue lin said...

Melanie, Patchay, very disturbing ok?! Hahah

But i think they were just fooling around la

supplementals said...

wooh! should've asked her which school she was from. Show some more interest, gain some cultural experience :p

Jacqueline said...

U should ask for her number! hahah!!! Btw, wats the lil container n chopsticks for?