Sunday, July 01, 2007

In 15 Hour's Time

I'll be on a bus to Mt Buller for skiing!

Yeah! Thats the only great thing about winter.

Australian winter is generally ugly. Cuz there is no snow to cover the lifeless trees. And the rain is not snow, so you get wet. It sucks.

My holidays are jammed packed with plans. As usual i never wanna waste away my holidays. And there was E's bday and PL's bday the next day. Loads of fun!

I went for two job interviews last week. For part time jobs. Hope they call me back.

And i finished the whole season one of Heroes with bestfriend

Also i was the one who planned and made all the payments for the ski trip (was stressful but i'm so proud of myself now that the planning's done =).

Plus I'm helping out with orientation and a Peer Mentor Mentee Program...

Gotta go get ready, see ya!


Patchay said...

Halo how're u? My blog has changed layout! Happy Holidays!

Btw when will u go back to msia?

sue lin said...

Planning to go back just before Chinese new year nest year. What about u? Why do u ask? Planning to visit Melb at the end of the year?

I'm sick now... and i'll check out your blog tomoro or something. Need to sleep now... Happy holidays 2 u too

Valdez Lisa said...

wahaha..go skiing le...had fun?

sue lin said...

YUP! Very nice. But now very sick... going to eat and sleep...

Joey said...

Hope you get well soon :)

Have moved my blog, btw. Here's the new add

sue lin said...

Hey Joey, thanks! I feel a bit better but poor Elwyn's sick now!

Why move blog? Now there's no lock?