Saturday, May 26, 2007

One Afternoon

The other day... i was walking home from town, carrying my groceries... and this elderly man smiled at me and said "How're u?", the typical Aussie greeting.

Was told that in Aust, u'd have to layan everyone. Be nice to everyone. So i smiled back, said "Good (smiles). How're you??", my automatic reply (if u ask me "how are u?" on the phone u would get me saying that)

Then he asked "where're u from?".
"Malaysia", i said.

"How long have you been here?"
"Three months", i answered.

"Monash Uni?", he asked.

"What're u studying?"


I found that very weird... and what's weirder was that he pulled out his name card and asked me to call him. "I just want to speak to you", he said vaguely, and told me he was rushing off to the ANZ bank before closing...

Looked at the name card. Its so plain. Makes no mention of an accounting firm or whatever. The guy's a director.

E helped me check up the company's ACN number and we found that the company has been deregistered 2 years ago!


supplementals said...

omg creepy. call him up and offer him a job haha.

sue lin said...

Haha, i did call... using our fixed line which is a private number. Another weird, vague conversation. He asked me 2 call back but i didnt.

typlotion said...

maybe he need some free ****

sue lin said...

thats what we suspect... scaryyyyyy.

Luckily our house phone is Private Number!

+ : A d a M : + said...

haha ive been stopped for random conversations too..but not as weird as yours..=P

eh i totally agree with your last post. i certainly dont hve more freedom here..ish. Oh year only...=D

heyy even i have to do the cleaning leh!! and i dont even live in your house!! make sure u send me the pics k..haha

sue lin said...


Heyyyy, its not like u clean our house everyday! Erm... its only cleaned once in a long while. Hehe.

And by the way, the stove u cleaned is still clean ok? We maintained it! Hahaha.