Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Ski Trip - Boring Details First

As we checked out from our cute cozy hotel- Duck Inn, the owner (i assume) promoted his lodge for off-peak September.

Before the bus left the mountain, i was planning my second trip up! Hehe! =) If u are in Australia (and if i have your contact number/msn), be prepared to be invited!

Hope i have the cash for the next trip!!!

I'm gonna publish the cost of my recent trip...
$100 -- 60 for return bus tickets, 30 for snow transfers, 10 for gate entry
$200 -- 100 for each night at Duck Inn
$45 -- rental for snow pants for 3 days
$50 -- skiis, boots and poles
$ 3 -- insurance for the bottom of the skis
$46 -- for lift pass and free beginner's lesson
$3.50 -- tobogans... E and i shared one
$10 -- one lunch... skipped lunch after a heavy breakfast the next day
$22.30- 2 dinners
$2 -- one can of coke, the rest of the time i drank plain water
$2.50 -- Train ticket to city (Sunday saver)
$4.52 -- Train ticket home
Total cost of the trip = $488.80

Gotta slowly select n edit the pictures. Still haven't gathered pictures from one more camera...


cherylcc said...

hahaha u r fit lar girl
not fat!!!

sue lin said...

Not really. I wanted to DIE during the ski lesson. So tired. Sitting down on my ass on the snowy floor felt like such a luxury

Sue Lin said...

It was only $46 back then?!?!?!?

=( I paid $104 yesterday =(