Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Boring Life Boring Post

Many more Malaysians this semester in Peninsula. All of them asking me what is there to do here. I don't have an answer for them. The beach is all Peninsula had...

Many Berwick students in Peninsula too.

Trying to make friends with the locals again. I found it hard to remember their faces last semester. Gonna try harder this sem. And if i go for Buffed Bar in the gym every week i think i'll make friends there. Hopefully

Oh yeah, about the class i attend in the gym, i'm the only Asian! Hahaha. Among them, i was TINY. I felt scrawny! I was always the HUGE girl back in Malaysia.

That's about it in my life now. Might dig up old pictures to post up.


Patchay said...

haha huge girl in Malaysia???

When I visit Melb, bring Me to Peninsula ok?

sue lin said...

HAHAHA, why, u wanna feel tiny too?

supplementals said...

LOL going to the gym now makes u feel good in more ways than one hhaha