Thursday, April 05, 2007

Word Vomit (Pictures Added)

Dying to Blog, really really dying to blog! But there's so much to do! Just finished preparing for my presentation tomorrow, its half shit. Haha. Went to the beach with aunt and cousins today somemore.

Should have gone to play pool with housemates and some other friends after that instead of staying home to do the presentation cuz, to be honest i only started after they came home.

Actually, they came home and then we played a game of Cluedo and a few games of chor tai tee and i ate Indomie BEFORE i started the presentation.

Three Little Pigs

Anyway, shopping here has its ups and downs. Downs are normally caused by foreign exchange and the forever diminishing value of the Malaysian currency. Ups are when God blesses me with bargains u'll never get in Malaysia.

Like i bought a $39.00 skirt for $3.35! From ICE at Bayside.

And i took AGES to decide whether i should buy this red bag....

Discounted and buy one free one too. But i'll have to pay 39 dollars.... which is RM107.25. In the end i bought it and it came with a pleasant surprise.

Not only is it buy one free one, it's discounted too! So two bags for $29.00! Wahahaha. From Forever New in DFO, Spencer Street.

White shirt and leggings, both new, $6.00 each, from Deborah K. The bag came free with the red one i talked about above, worth $24.90. That's the skirt from ICE.

And my boots... ohhh! My boots! =) =) =) Not the best bargain but totally worth its $99.00... er... hope i can walk in it! Hahahah... Sachi from David Jones, Gen Waverly.

U see... i simply REFUSE to buy FLAT boots ok? I WANT heels.


Though i have been wearing sports shoes most of the time here and i haven't exactly worn heels for about 2 months now. I wore heels every single damned day at work cuz they make my legs look slightly better...

I'll manage lah...

Bought Scholl Party Feet Gel Cushions to help me...
By the way, the amount i paid for 2 pairs could get me three pairs in Malaysia, the land of free-er trade and less protectionism. Everything in Malaysia is either made in China or Indonesia or Bangladesh and thus is cheap. Most Australian stuff's made in Australia, they damn patriotic i tell you.

Tomatos are Oz grown, chicken in McD is Oz bred... and their long beans are short! And so long beans here are known as GREEEN beans. Wahahaha. Just ate that 4 dinner, i love long beans.... i mean green beans. Hehe


Ps. Say "green beans" if u want me to add pictures to this post! Sorry i'm sleepy n going crazy. If i get 7 ppl commenting "Green beans!" I'll insert pix! Haha. Byee


typlotion said...

Mr. Bean

iantong said...

omG!! Fierce sia my cousin.. eh if got lobang for free tattoo any part of body call mi also k.. i fly over and do! thx!

IRENE said...


Bea said...

GREEN BEANSSSS!!!! kekkkeke....

Jocelyn said...

Green beans LOR :P

I know! The exchange rate sux, rite?? Ish...well, u'll soon learn to NOT convert. Kekeke...

Man, it's so cool tat u live near the beach

Jazzy*Pam said...

You knew this is coming:


Jonathan said...

Wei!!! Chao all the way to aussie adi..Green Beans and keep in touch ya sue

MaS said...

green beans !!! no1

green beans !!! no 2

green beans !!! no 3

green beans !!! no 4

Now there are 7 green beans !! do it !!!

sue lin said...

Typlotion, WHAT Mr Bean ar? Not counted! =P

Iantong, eh, mana ade free, i mean where got free? Someone paid for me la. It was a deal ma. Eh u not in NS meh? Can simply fly anytime ar? =P

Irene, what so funny? =)

Heya Bea, long time no hear from ya! =) How're ya? Sportsgirl's nice but cannot afford!!!! Waiting 4 sale.

So far one "green beans"

Joey! When it comes to shopping MUST comvert. Otherwise everything would seem to be cheap and i'd end up overspending. When it comes to food, stopped converting d...

Yup, love the beach! Planning to do homework 4 one subject after this, then go beach 4 sunset. Dinner. Do more work then see whether enough "green beans" comments anot. Hehe

So far two "green beans"

Hahahaa, Pam, must say "green beans"! =P

Jon, u got update ur blog anot? I'm guessing there should be a post on ur Baskin n Robbins ice cream eating record on 31st March? Will check soon. Yeah, keep in touch!

So far three "green beans"

green beans !!! no1- 1/4
green beans !!! no2- 1/4
green beans !!! no3- 1/4
green beans !!! no4- 1/4
= 1 "green beans"

Hehe, so far four "green beans"

supplementals said...

Procrastination, still as malaysian as ever haha :p whoa..a skirt, 2 bags and boots. really enjoying there eh? :D

oh yeah. GREEN BEANS!

sue lin said...

Supplementals, abuthen?

And thats not all k? Just a portion of my purchases since i got here! And it's not all in a day's shopping, took me weeks of hunting!

So far 5 "green beans"!

sue lin said...

Initially i said 5 green beans... then i increased it to seven cuz i'm too lazy to add pix...

But after seeing all these cute comments with "green beans" in it... 5 already can lar.

Thanks guys! It was fun =)

chrisdior said...

whoah shopping spree @ OZ!

anyway, how's life in OZ been treating u? :)

typlotion said...

eh u too free izzit? why comment in almost all my post in my blog =.=

sue lin said...

Chrisdior, hahaha, i wish!

Typlotion, hahaha, u also what comment in almost all my posts

Jocelyn said...

Omg. Guess what?! I juz got meself a pair of brown boots, too!!

And when I saw ur pic, I was like...hey! I dress up like that, too! (I mean, I know there can't be many variations with a denim skirt and boots, but still) Hehehe...I actually haf a black pair d, but I fell in love with this brown ones...plz don't tell my Mummy :p

sue lin said...

HAHA, SERIOUS? Their just so loveable la =) I also have a black pair already... but its ankle boots, so i wanted higher boots... hehe.

Did u get flats or heels? Heels really killed me! Hahaha... i'll just assume its cuz i have completely not worn heels since i got to Aust =P

Valdez Lisa said... really crazy for boots...

sue lin said...

HAHAHAA, yeah!!!! =D