Friday, March 30, 2007

Confessions, Complaints and Crap


Chose Monash Peninsula instead of Monash Caulfied/Clayton cuz i don't wanna fly all the way here to end up mixing with Malaysians. Guess what. I end up mixing mostly with Malaysians and Singaporeans here. Love them but dissapointed in myself.

Also. I miss my maid back home in Malaysia. Peeled pears, cut into neat slices appear on the dining table even before dinner is finished. I have to peel my own damned pears here (thats why they remain in the fridge 2 weeks after buying them from Springvale...)

And i get very irritated seeing dirty dishes in the sink. Normally, i just dump my supper dishes there and when i wake up in the morning, its all gone, cleared, washed and dried, nicely where it belongs, as if they marched to respective cabinets on their own.

I bloody have to personally carry them.

And the toilet is flooding! The princessy me (yes, i admit), picked up the hair that collected in the shower. I NEVER have to do such a thing at home. One month's worth of hair... neither one of us bothered clearing it before it started flooding. And now it won't stop flooding no matter what.


Who knew grass grows? The stupid grass in the backyard is so damned long. Its just been one month. Landlord said there's supposed to be a gardner... where is our Desperate Housewives-like-hot-gardner?

Why is it that my jeans get looser at the thighs but the tummy stays big and prominent? Nevermind. Just thankful my thighs are better. Somwhow, i'm exactly the same weight. 54kg

Simple things in life back home's taken for granted. U get bread vendors on motobikes in housing estates back home. Fresh bread at your door step in Malaysia. I have to walk 15 minutes to the shops tomorrow to get my bread.

Everytime i walk home after doing groceries, i have to go through a carpark... hallucinations of a little white Kancil play before my eyes. My baby, where are u?

Right pocket, where carkeys should be, contain only my house keys.

Anyhoo, when E is over at Frankston he helps me carry my stuff. Wahahaha, so thankful =) Love ya.

Oh! E brought the little cards and handicrafts i gave him throughout our 2 and a half years together to Australia. So damned sweet!

I only brought the diary he gave me and the necklace from our 1st month anniversary. He even brought the matching vday t-shirt! I forgot to bring mine! Damn you food poisoning! =(


Our wireless network is called Little Pigs. So cute! Hahaha. We're 3 Little Pigs!

Went for a swim in the beach after class last Thursday. It was a hot day. Nice. Also had a mocha frappe and relaxed on the sand till almost sunset.

We are so addicted to playing chor tai tee. And housemate CT bought the board game Cluedo and we played that for hours as if we are on holiday. I'm such a big piece of dead meat when assignments barge in April.

Sweet Escape

Check this out! Something for me to look forward to! Thanks Sassy Gurl! =)


sue lin said...

i'm dying to complain more....

Stupid prepaids here! Who said Australian phone plans are cheaper and better? Definitely not prepaid. Suckssss

I miss Maxis's 1cent smses. I miss smsing like shit. I can use up 50 smses a day no problem at home. Even smsing 20cents to Digi and Celcom is cheaper than one sms Optus to Optus here! Bloody 25cents per sms!

Whenever something reminds me of someone at home i'll just send them an sms telling them whats on my mind. I can't do that here cuz its damn shit expensive

In Malaysia my phone always says "message inbox almost full" or something like that, i don't even remember what it says cuz i dun see it anymore. No one smses me much cuz smses are expensive.

At the bus stop or wherever u don't see ppl smsing. Cuz smses are so expensive!!!!!

CAlling is shit too. Even if u see it as dollar to dollar its cheaper in Msia. 49cents per minute on Maxis prepaid Hotlink. Here its 39cents for HALF a damned minute ok?!

Tell me how to survive when your throat is bleeding?

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

Oh! You have gone over to Australia. How's life over there?

sue lin said...

pHey! Yeah, i've been here for over a month. It has its ups and downs like everything else =)

Sue Lin said...

"Oh! E brought the little cards and handicrafts i gave him throughout our 2 and a half years together to Australia. So damned sweet!" -- he lost it all in Australia. So damn sad

Sue Lin said...

I miss the activities under the title Crap. I really really do. So carefree. We were really so close back then. Cant believe its all over a year ago now