Monday, April 30, 2007

Hang Myself on a Tau Geh Tree

Going mad with assignment as usual...

Was craving bean sprouts (tau geh) all of a sudden... so we bought a packet, bloody expensive shit, almost 3dollars- if i remembered correctly. Its just tau geh man!

And cooking it was SHIT! Have to irritatingly pluck their tails one by BLOODY one! People got assignment, u ask me to pluck tau geh? Go to hell!

All those times i took the tau geh dish for granted at home........ daydreams of my maid who did the plucking tau geh tail 4 me at home.

I'm seriously missing someone and u know who it is.

The other day, we had a nice gourmet dinner at home, will tell ya about that, the giant chess and the kite flying day laters.

So the dinner, CT made this very high-class looking yummy entre with alfalfa sprouts and salmon. Then it hit me! Alfalfa sprouts is the perfect convenient substitute for tau geh. And it's health food. I'll have to check if its expensive... but it definitely beats buying tau geh for 8ringgit!

I wrote 1600 words in the past 15hours! Shitttt... it's amazing... but... its way off my 300-words-per-2-hour-budget...

Newspapers are so much easier to read and understand than those stupid journal articles. Glad i spent two hours digging the month old library stack of newspapers and photocopying a pile of papers... don't ask me how much that cost, i am trying not to calculate.

Glad i have an ear for tips during lectures (i can fall asleep in lectures and suddenly wake up when i hear something remotely related to a tip). One sentence in that lecture 4 weeks ago helped me narrow down my newspaper search tremendously =)

Just a few days ago i was clueless about the Aust labour law and now i know a bit =) Would it be useful to me one day? Still hope so...

Oh and though shops in Aust typically closes at like 5pm... this might probably change in the next few years because of the one year old amendments in law =p Personal conclusion. We'll see.

Ps. The title came from my form 3 science teacher. My mom explained that it somehow means hopeless in a weird funny way!


sue lin said...

shit... i realized i'm off topic in the assignment. no mood to finish up the remaining 900 words by 5 o clock. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, this sucks really really sucks. 40% assignment! 3500 words. Shit. Gone.

Jacqueline said...


take it easy... try to argue ur way out... if u think u can, u can!

*Good Luck*!!

typlotion said...


sue lin said...

Can't argue my way out when half my esssay isnt even about the topic the wanted us to focus on, Jac. Sighsss, and i passed it out one day late. My first late assignment. my first 3500 word individual assignment worth 40%. I don't think i can do honours. How do u manage?

Typlotion,hahah, happy la u got sth to laugh abt?