Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easter Holiday

Hate research. Prefer reading, understanding and analysing. Hate finding the material to read.

Anyone like researching (and feeling helpful)? Please find me infomation about Australian and Malaysian's financial regulatory systems. I gotta do a comparison.

And i wanna play pool... HAHAHA. Shouldn't have said that now no one would help me.

Anyways. My Easter holidays (which is usually simply known as mid semester break back in Msia) was pretty much a waste. Bumming around TRYING to get my Accounting Information Systems assignment done.

The only fun things i did was swim the freezing cold mid autumn sea (damn good workout, damn hungry after that, ate a lot of horrible Hokkien mee, hahaha)

and went to Crown casino!

Took a train to the city... first time giving fare evading a go (boarding the train without a ticket).
A delay in Melbourne's down-to-the-minute schedule made me anxious...

Then i saw men in black (actually its dark blue, and there were some women) with yellow embroidery Connex (the train company). They entered the train

E and i bolted out of the train. Thank goodness they didn't question us on our sudden departure... and the train along with the watchdogs as J calls them left soon after.

Bought a ticket and got on the next train. Met up with J. Cabonara dinner at Lygon Street.

And then we were off to the casino. I had a bad tummy ache for most of the tram rides so i didn't feel any excitement as i entered the casino... the only thought on my mind was "where's the toilet?"

Only started to enjoy the scene as i emerge from the toilet. Really wanted to take photos but J warned me against that... casino rules. Afraid we might cheat.

Mostly just watched as J played... throughout the time i was in the toilet he alraedy more than doubled his $10 capital. He's a pro, expertly explaining the rules to every game to us. Nice having a tour guide around! Haha, thanks man. =)

But it sucked when i lost $10 straightaway... RM27.50 gone. Just like that.

E was a little luckier than me at first but he soon lost everything ($10 plus winning). Then we just watched J play till he decided to quite after winning $115!!!!!

Lady luck was just not by my side.

Might add pictures wherever possible later. Back to Enterprise Resource Planning for AIS =(


Jocelyn said...

Wah, wah...indulging in vice d, uh? Kekeke

Zhen said...

Bah, I have the exact same assignment as you, and I haven't begun on my research either...

In other news, I still can't find a copy of Courses Now. The issues they have in the bookstore on campus are from last September.

typlotion said...


Patchay said...

Have not been studying during easter break .. and today is already Friday.

I'm turning to be a Bad Boy. I juz went party n party n party. OMG!!!

sue lin said...

kaHahaha Jocelyn, shhhhhhhhh =P

Zhen, which one? Money and Caps or 2851??? Lets work together! Hahaha

Still no Courses Now? Did u check with Donald? I'll ask my mom if they sent a copy 2 my house.....

Typlotion, u arrrr seriously kena the laughing virus

Patchay, being bad is good, hahaha! At least u went out and had fun! I sat at home since Monday and yet i havent gotten much done! Ah!

Valdez Lisa said...

Happy Easter day...though it was over :P

Jacqueline said...

Financial regulation? One of my honours fren doing a topic on Bank regulation in Malaysia and a few other Asian countries... She's using Journal of Finance... Check it out!

sue lin said...

Thanks VLisa! =)

Jacqueline, wow, thanks! Will definitely do!

And oh my god she's doing such a thesis...! I'm doing the first year AFW1300 Money and caps and i want to dieeeeeeeeeeeee. Which reminds me, u havent finished killing me yet! Haha

Jacqueline said...

Hahahaha!!! End up she changed her topic few days ago... =p I did money n caps in my 1st year too... DAMN HARD! Dunno wats the book toking about... y u take this as elective? aiyoh!!!

sue lin said...

Hahaha, i know a bit bit la what they are talking about cuz of the many many accounting subjects i've taken... but its a choice i regret laaaaa

but at least i know i DON'T regret not majoring in finance