Monday, April 16, 2007

Assignment Crap

First assignment away from home. Its weird, annoying and frustrating.

I want to walk out of my little bedroom (here in Aust) and appear in the upstairs hallway in my my Cheras home, go into my study room where all my uni books are stored and pull out a book for reference.

Problem is i cam 't do that. I have a total of TWO textbooks here with me, thats all. Besides, the book i need is floating somewhere in the ocean (post bukan laju...)

And i've got a new printer! Damn happy! Was indifferent with all the printers that came and go back in Malaysia. Simply said, MANY things at home are taken for granted.

Appreciate E though, he's buying me lunch now! Hahaha. And he bought the printer for me all the way from the city and brought it to Frankston =) Oh, he's back with lunch!

Lunch lunch!


Jacqueline said...

Hahaha! Nxt time dun use that post bukan laju la... use FedEx or DHL ma...

Woww.. So sweet... I wish aaron tapau me food also... I almost eat alone in uni everyday :( Most of my frens all grad ady... :'(

typlotion said...

i everyday stay at home , soon kena tapau liao

sue lin said...

Jacqueline, using that one cuz its cheaper ma. RM82 something for 20kg... but its by ship so it takes super long. Didnt purposely want to use the book. I actually shipped it over cuz i wanna sell it in the second sem.

Where's Aaron now? Gotta catch up with u on msn soon! Wanna know all abt honours. Don't u have any junior friends? Like from MBC? If i'm there i'd eat with u! Poor thing!

Typlotion, ya lor, stupid horrible assignment! Everyday stay at home only

Debz said...

Hey sweetie! 3 more months la yeah, then you don't have to cook anymore! I promised sue to cook the first meal when I step down! You name what you want la yeah! I can cook all sorts! Bahaha! Just be really AFRAID THAT u might get STOMACH ACHE!


Jacqueline said...

Wow.. quite expensive... but im sure ur book can sell at a damn good price over there... Haha!!

Aaron is working lo... Workaholic... Sigh... Juniors.. Errm.. Maybe the timing not same.. Hardly see them also.

meL.a.Nie said...

hey,i've changed my blog's bcuz of some personal reasons.i'll tell u later..

Marcus said...

A good experience. Away from home and being independent. The assignments are a plus and an additional task to keep you stronger. Thumbs up for Mr. Mas.