Sunday, June 03, 2012

Meet Up

The very first friend i made in university now lives in Hong Kong, when she came to visit me (on work travel), she told me about this site called Meet Up, a website for people with common interest to meet up in big groups. Went for my first Meet Up today with Melbourne Young Professionals!

1000 Steps in Dandenong Ranges. I've been there before, its a hike up lots of stairs and then down a path. The first time i took a dozen breaks! This time i'm much better with just a couple of short stops! =)

Felt pretty much like my backpacking days, where u make 5 minute friends. Just chit chat small talk and then bye! Got along really well with a girl from Alaska who just moved here 2 months ago =)

My favourite moment was having coffee with some of them, the Alaska girl made a reference to the Energizer Bunny, an old advertisement and she was worried that we have never heard of it. Everyone knew it, the true Aussie girl, the Malaysian turned Australian Permanent resident me, the British guy and the Alaska girl's Spanish boyfriend!

Reminds me of that day backpacking in Vietnam two years ago, where i had breakfast with a Swedish medical couple... lunch with them again and a couple of French guys... dinner with a group of Australian retirees.... and supper with a group of Italians!


supplementals said...

HEY, i'll be in aust next week for 1 week 7-13 june. Thinking of coming to Melb 9/10 (Sat/Sun). Any chance i can bum at ur place a night?? :p

Azz said...

Awesome I have looked at Meet Up before and have been meaning to try it out! Sounds like it turned out really great.

Sue Lin said...

Hey Supp, long time no see. Already answered ur same message via Facebook message! =P

Azz hey! Yeah it was great! But no long lasting friends. Yet. Maybe. If there will be a barbecue after the hike next time most of us will show up again! LOL