Friday, June 15, 2012

Hard Rock Nunawading


You drive me up the wall =P

My climbing buddy LF doing her thing, while the girl in purple yours truly belays her
Belaying is the safety thing

We saw this low wall area and thought it was for kids

But if you actually read it, it says 
"Strictly 15 years and over!"

We didnt know what to do until this Asian chick came over and said the green one is an easy one to start with, she even showed us how. She was awesome!

Me attempting to imitate her

She gets past this but i dont.

I fall

And i laugh it off

LF's boyfriend does much better than the girls, he gets up one stone higher than us

Fit LF in pink, she's definitely better than me at this!

Watched other climbers a bit

Thats the Asian girl who gave us a tutorial, and her boyfriend/husband/friend? 
Watching over her protectively, coaching, guiding her. 
Delicious, i want someone to love me like that!!!!
And i want someone to photograph us like that!

J on the left and me on the right.

That's the Nunawading 'gym' as they call it

The X marks the top i reached =)

Read signs that said the gym in Nunawading had Friday night specials, after 5pm it is only $12 for entry instead of the normal $18. Nunawading is just a stone's throw away from my work place while the city is a good 30km from work and it's also 30km from city to home (think of a triangle). 

It takes me one and a half hours to get to the city from work (think peak hour traffic to the train station and then a train ride in to the city). I really love my climbing buddy LF but rationally it makes little sense for me to travel all the way to the city on a Friday night AND pay normal price entry to the gym in the city right? 
LF works in the city.

So what do u you? Use
They should pay me for blogging about them all the time!

Had my third climb tonight with a group i met off the net!! 
Papa, dont worry, i came back alive! 
And i was the organiser of this one!

I accidentally became the organiser of my second Meet Up! How? I noted that there lacked Meet Ups in Nunawading, always effing far far away in the city, so i stood up and took the spot. Came naturally, had this instinct to make sure everyone who RSVP yes met up

Stressful! I had to carry my phone around and received a text when i was 15meters up! And i had to go through the briefing three times with each late comer in one night!!!!

But very fulfilling. Happy!
Totally forgot about the shocking week i had at work

Found out from the German girl that these low rocks are called bouldering! =)


Mrs White said...

YOU ROCK!! lol Pun intended.
It absolutely amazes me how you manage to capture such awesome photos of the stuff you do. Just awesome.
And've sent me to lol Interesting. I know someone I need to refer that site to so I agree that you should get commission of some sort.
Keep doing what you do girl.
Be safe and have fun.

Mrs White

Keunlu said...

I am now suffering from backache, and papa gave me the pills that grandma used to take!!! so, the moral of my story is....go for it! do it!
when you are still young and able!!

(BTW, I wouldn't be able to do what you did..wall climbing...even if I were young and able with or without back ache)


Isya said...

hahahaha the short walls are called bouldering. i have yet to try those.

ur walls looks crazy high. havent gone climbing in a few months dy. gonna ache crazy the next time i go.

Sue Lin said...

Mrs White thanks! LOL. LF is a camwhore just like me, i'd snap for her and she returned the favour =) Hope your friend will have a good experience with the Meet Up site =) I went for another two meetings this weekend and it was awesome!

Keunlu please take care and eat all the supplements! I'm planning another rock climbing outing for Friday =) =) I need to buy my own shoes!

Isya whatttt?? Few months d!?!?! Go this weekend!

Isya said...

i went penang during the weekend hehe.
hopefully this saturday climbing jadi!

Isya said...

oh gosh sue lin, i think i'm a robot. i always fail this "robot" test. or my comment went through?

anyway, just wanted to say i went to penang over the weekend and hopefully climbing this weekend jadi!!!

Sue Lin said...

Hahaha, ur not a robot =) Ur comment got through! Yeah hope this weekend's climb jadi for u!! I did level 14 successfully! That route must have been easy, other level 14 were hard