Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Backstreet Boys Concert

BSB and New Kids on the Block toured Melbourne

I asked DL who plays first? And before she answered the lights dimmed and both bands rocked the stage!

Nick Carter at 32

Brian and AJ

New Kids on the Block with a kangaroo from their Aussie fans

Jordan Knight walked up the aisle near us! 

BSB in colourful 90s clothes! Hahah

Johnny Ruffo, the opening act. Young man, 3rd place winner of 2011's Australian X Factor

The girls and I!


Isya said...

u know the other day, they were talking about nkotbsb on the radio and i was thinking oh gosh, it's such a mouthful to say!! like a tongue twister!!

aiihh... these boy bands bring me back to the good ol' days. was such a big fan of bsb and nsync!!!

Sue Lin said...

I know its such a tongue twister! NKOTB has so many alphabets on its own and to combined that with BSB faint! Are they goning to Msia next???

Isya said...

nop.... i cant rmbr where they were going next. but they were an opening act for some other celebrity i cant rmbr. been having very bad memory lately. sign of old age!!

Sue Lin said...

NKTOB is the opening act???!! Kesihan!! But even in the concert i went to, most fans were there for BSB. My colleague said that her girl friend is nuts over KNOTB and the friend went to the airport to stalk them. In this day n age, not many of their fans still crazy over them so all 5 members sign autographs for everyone!