Monday, June 25, 2012

Event Organiser

The people who showed up in last week's meet up gave the event i created 5 star ratings! Yay!

I was surprised to receive an email from the Melbourne Indoor Meet Up Group's Official Organiser saying that he made me an Event Organiser!!! =)

Immediately told my parents (who didnt respond, they probably dont know what to say) and told a few friends.

Few days later a friend asked so how's Meet Up going? I proudly said i'm now Event Organiser! Friend asked if i get paid to do it. I said no and he said "So its fulfilment". That is exactly it =) I do some other volunteer work and it just doesnt feel the same

Spent Thursday night making this 'sign board' for the second Friday Rock Climbing Meet Up and emailing everyone a picture of it with a short note. Also told them i was gonna wear bright blue track pants. Hahah, most people didnt see the box but they found me anyway. Must be the pants! Heheh.

In summary, it was awesome! As stated on my Facebook "Never knew i would have a passion for being Event Organiser! Fulfilling =) The Egyptian Aussie and i started off first and then the Belarus girl joined us and also the guy from Bosnia who grew up here. When they left i hung out with the Canadian and the British =) I love Melbourne"

Had a super busy weekend too! Exactly the way i love it!


Mrs White said...

That's awesome.
I can imagine the fulfillment you felt for having a successful event. Now you've got the pump you need to carry on with future events.
Way to go!
Proud of you.
Keep it up Sue Lin.
You can do it! Miss Event Organizer!

Mrs White

Dropsof Contentment said...

hehe sorry i havent come comment in a long time..but its great to see u having such a good time there! Miss u la..when are u coming back again? =))

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Mrs White =) Been too busy lately to plan any Meet Ups though! LOL! I have been hanging out with some of the people i met previously

Drops of contentment hey! Long time no see!! That Adam or Wendy or both? LOL When are u coming to Melb!! Hhaahha