Sunday, June 10, 2012


I think i'm like wine. So far, i get better as i get older.

Once upon a time I used to be hiding in my best friend's shadow. Always the quiet girl in school.

I feel that i grew a lot after i turned 18. Confidence. Independence. Knowledge. Courage. Assertiveness. Strength.

Outfit of the day + white bubble jacket with fur trim. No make up, was running late and left my phone at home! And i  had one of the best days =)

Proud that i can attend a party and have loads of fun. Once upon a time i wasn't able to do that. Believe me. I've come a long long way! I mingled, i was never good at it in the past. I danced, another thing i can never do outside a classroom =)

Also proud that i am able to convey a message to a close friend in a calm and steady tone, to get the message across without accusing. Chose the right words. I felt that what happened was wrong, i had to say it, no one was saying it, i couldnt keep it in and dont ask me how but once again, i surprised myself, i did it a nice way!


Azz said...

Fantastic post Sue, I really like it. It is cool to see how you keep progressing all the time, forever improving =)

Daniel said...


I can keep on insulting you and your lifestyle choices and not worry that it will damage your mental well being.

Life is good!

Sue Lin said...

Azz, thank you for your comment!! I just do my best all the time. Hope ur well =)

Daniel, you've never insulted me and my lifestyle choices, never have u worried about my mental well being either! Glad to have u back commenting on the blog! =)