Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rock Climbing

Is there a cure for my adrenalin addiction??

LF posted a picture of her wind surfing on Facebook. Known this girl for years, friend of a friend but never really hung out except for a few gym sessions together. Or bumping into each other at the gym. 

On the windsurfing picture, we started chatting and realised the both of us love these sort of stuff!!! 

Few nights ago, i received a random message from her asking me to go!!! 
Immediately i said yes! Didnt ask how much, didnt matter where,
I'm there!

OMG so happy to have found another crazy girl like me in Melbourne =) Love love! 


Mrs White said...

That's awesome.
It's so much fun to be able to do things with someone. Luckily I now have my hubby. Before, people I knew, friends I had figured I was crazy and so I was alone to do things I was interested in.
But, if there is anything I certainly learned though...don't wait for people to do things with because if you wait you might never get to do them.
Happy you are feeding your desire to do different stuff. Even more happy you got someone to do it with.

Mrs White

Isya said...

cure for andrenaline?? feed it more!!! lol
lets go climbing together!!!!

Sue Lin said...

Mrs WhiteWhat crazy things did you do alone? I'm happy you've found your hubby, i'm waiting for mine to come! LOL

I agree with you that we shouldnt wait =) Thats why i went travelling alone

Isya good one!!! Yeah!! When u come visit Melb or when i go back to KL we must go!