Sunday, May 06, 2012

Sydney 2011 November

Every time i head to Sydney i'd be sure to take pictures with/of the Sydney Habour Bridge!

My favourite spot in Sydney!

Just one of my best friends and I. An afternoon catching up. 

Was in the city for a reason

A wedding

My Ausmat/ Year 12 / Senior High School friend was getting married! These days invites go through Facebook. When u accept the Facebook invitation, the card will follow! More efficient. Lovely handmade invitation card

Four of us from the same class. The bride's dress is tailor made, very fine detail. Bridesmaids wore pink. 

She did her wedding completely Western style: church reception in the morning, followed by refreshment in the church, mingle, the happy couple had a photoshoot by the beach and then dinner in town. She wore the same dress the whole day, which is very very non-Malaysian-Chinese! Hahah

The other people my table were all very nice and friendly. I would have like to keep in touch with one of the girls, but oops i forgot to look her up on FB. Its been 6months! Whoops!

Having migrated to Australia, i missed all the other 2011 weddings i was invited to. Boy, was there a big handful! 

Just last night i found out that an ex-colleague, my age, is already 6 months pregnant! She also got married in November. I started counting... and concluded it was a honeymoon baby!! Hahah. Scary, i don't want a kid so soon. I want a few honeymoons first!

The day after the wedding i put on another dress and went for Spring Races

My 9year old cousin vomitted yesterday, my aunt had to clean it up. I'm so not ready for that yet!

Still young and loving my selfish life!


Mrs White said...

There is nothing wrong with being young and loving your selfish life. lol In fact, i don't see that it's selfish at all. I see it as what more should be doing to allow themselves to grow and experience. Parenting is so much easier when you have lived life a bit, learning patience, common sense, etc.
You have lots of time. Live it up so that you have so much more to share with your kids when they do come. Nothing wrong with that.

Mrs White

Sue Lin said...

Love u for your comment Mrs White! LOL

I felt bad for thinking so and for wanting to think about no one but myself, well at least for a few more years!

ying2 said...

Hi the pic as ur cover photo on FB=) well as the Dandenong Ranges Park pics.=)Glad to know that you are enjoying your life now..guess nth wrong to be selfish while you are young..haha.. just be happy and smile always..=)

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Ying Ying! Havent heard from u in ages! Hows everything back in KL?? How's everyone