Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More Red

I know, last week i was crazy about red autumn tress. 

This week its about red hair!

I was surprised at how red it turned out =)
Way better than back in 2009 (Click here)

Been receiving compliments: from friends, the receptionist at pole, my mechanic when i went to get my headlight changed

Tips and theories: 

1. The box said leave it on for 30 minutes, be a rebel and leave it on for 1 hour and 15minutes instead! Also use the hair drier to heat it up so that the hair absorbs more colour.

2. Loreal's technology got better and smells nicer 

3. The previous hair dye job i did three months ago bleached my hair enough that i'm pretty much a dark blonde to brunette instead of a natural Asian black haired girl


Isya said...

so reddd sooo cooool!!!!!

im always tempted to dye or highlight my hair but i find having to touch up the roots such a hassle...

Sue Lin said...

I know!! The roots are irritating! This is actually my touch up!