Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011!

Time flies! Started off the year as an unemployed graduate

4 months and 4 days into the year, after hopelessly job hunting and depressing interview rejections, i finally scored an accounting job with a Chartered Accountant in Melbourne! Continued working two jobs (in the chicken place at nights and weekends) for 5 months. Got too busy to blog consistently

I told myself that i would get an iPhone once i got a job, and that i did =) Also told myself that once i am employed i will join pole dancing classes again because the exotic dance costs a bomb. Discovered aerial hoop =) Fittest in my life, but not skinny unfortunately

Only hopped on the plane once (return trip) for a wedding in Newcastle, north of Sydney. It was the first wedding of a friend my age, that i could attend. Travelled around the state of Victoria a bit, including Grampians, Ballarat, Lake Eildon, Mornington Peninusla and Mount Buller

Learned a bit of Spanish. Adios dos mil once!


Out of Sync said...

Great recap, it is awesome to see how far you have come =D

Sue Lin said...

Thank you! How was your 2011?

Out of Sync said...

It was awesome, learned a lot about myself and spent the year preparing for 2012... and I went to China which of course was epic =)

I wrote my own 'goodbye 2011' post, although it is rather long haha.

Good luck to both of us for what ever 2012 holds =D

Sue Lin said...

Read your NYE post and reading ur China post now =) If i dont blog tonight, its your fault! LOL

Great 2011 post! Yes, good luck to the both of us