Saturday, January 07, 2012

Pole Practice

Get set


Get the leg grip right

Do the hand stand

Look !

No hands!

I'm flying!!!

And then . . .


Haha, no, dont worry, i didnt fall
The above picture was from one of my other sequence shots
When i realised i got the grip wrong, i descend slowly. The camera, which i placed on timer took a shot of me that looks like i fell!

Mid step

Love this shot! I should have used the camera flash more. Turned out so well =) Give me a moment to praise myself: oooh my legs look so long, my waist looks so small - i must have tensed up so hard in preparation for the spin, most of all i love the expression on my face - serious dancer's face, so intensed and focused yet graceful and effortless
The Eye Candy spin


Isya said...

i still can't get over how awesome you are! hopefully when i change job, will have more time for myself :)

Sue Lin said...

Thanks Isya! Hope u get to change jobs soon, every woman can be and should feelthe awesomeness i am feeling and it would be nice to hear u tell me/show me ur progress!

Isya said...

p/s: hush hush, ok maybe not hush hush cause i already told my manager. i'm leaving the firm cause i got a new job!!! last day end of feb :)

Sue Lin said...

Wowwww!!! Woww! Congrats!!! Gonna whatsapp u for more details right away! Hehehe

soo imm said...

You look so sexxaay!!!

gosh i wished they had classes like this in brissy near me too =(

Sue Lin said...

Hi Soo Imm!! Thanks dear! Have u tried Googling it? In Melbs there are a couple of big franchises but i heard there are other independent studios as well, u'll never know what u can find =)