Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Queen

Queen Elizabeth of England... gave Melbourne and a few other cities in Australia a visit a few weeks back

I don't get why Aussies are so patriotic and fanatic about The Queen. They just refer to her as The Queen, as if she was Australian.

All over the radio, all over the papers

My Malaysian friend who is an Australian Permanent Resident genuinely likes her and lectured me about it! He said "She is Your Queen now" because i am a PR here too. Never thought of it that way!

I've been in Melbourne for exactly a year now. Though my initial entry was in March 2010, I left KL on 8 November 2010 to come here for good

Also, http://www.baybeetea.com/ is three years old! I've been blogging for longer than that, though i feel myself getting less and less disiplined to blog as often as i used to =(


Out of Sync said...

Haha, I am not sure if we (Australians) are as fanatic and patriotic about the Queen as the media may portray. I don't think I've ever paid her much attention, nor has she ever come up in discussions with my friends lol. Does she do anything?

Congrats on your permanent residency =D It is inspirational to read about.

Sue Lin said...

Hmm... i went for an interview once, grad position and during the casual mingle sessions they did talk about the royal wedding. And it was insane that Aussie reporters flew there just to cover the wedding! A waste if u asked me...

And thanks re PR! Actually i've had it for almost 2 years now =) But i've only been here as a PR for about 1.5years