Saturday, October 29, 2011


I quit my job to join the circus!
Hahha, dont panic. I'm still loving my accounting day job. I've just stopped moonlighting at that chicken restaurant to make time for my new hobby! I havent had time to blog =( I didnt even have time to shop at all in October!

Absolutely LOVE it! When i was a kid i always wanted to join gymnastics but father said its dangerous. So, sheltered Sue never got the chance =(

As a 25 year old adult, i'm glad that this wonderful modern world offers me pole dancing for fitness and aerial fitness! =) Some of the other girls are sooo intimidatingly flexible, strong and graceful but really, as an adult, i am able to focus on myself and leave my insecurities at the door

Tried a couple of casual classes, the first time (17/9/2011) i couldn't lift my body up into the hoop without help from the teacher. The second time (8/10/2011), i managed to get up on my own! But i did cheat a little and hurt my back a little...

Signed up for an 8 week course that begun this week =) =) So much fun! Warm up, some strength training which focuses on shoulders and upper body, followed by 20minutes of tricks where we did what is shown in the picture above, a bit of pilates and then stretch to cool down.

It just makes me so happy! I was surprised at how well i managed =) Managed to get up onto the hoop with either my right leg first or my left leg first! =) I'm surprised at how much control i had in my arms to dismount from the hoop (to avoid injury).

The previous 8 week pole dancing course i did really helped with fitness. A couple of friends asked if i lost weight and upon weighing myself, i've lost 2kilos! 3kg more to lose!


Elwyn~! said...

Nice~! Time to get stronger~!

soo imm said...

lol! I haven't popped by so long and I see you're still as adventurous as ever! Keep it up babe ;)

I wished they had something like this in Brissy too :(

anyways i changed my blog add babe, thought i'd let you know xoxo

Sue Lin said...

Elwyn yup

Soo Imm hey!!! Thanks for the comment =) Yeahhh, if u come visit Melb come for a casual class! =) Thanks for updating me with ur blog add! Hey i cant comment in your blog, its hard to use blogger, i cant type in the word verification and i cant click publishh

soo imm said...

oh my friend had the same problem!

changed the comment settings to full page hope it's better :(

Sue Lin said...

Works well! I've left u tonnes of comments =)

Isya said...


can't wait for you to do a video of yourself doing that *wink wink*

i wonder whether they have this in malaysia? should have right? i want to join a dance class but peak period is just around the corner. urgh... i really need to start job hunting!

Sue Lin said...

IT IS! IT REALLY IS SO FREAKING AWESOME! They say they are the first studio in the world, so i'm taking their word for it? They've only started in Feb this year.

Are u going to work out the bond? Ur almost there! But it is another whole peak period... thats why i left, i would feel sucked in to stay if i didnt leave when i did