Friday, November 18, 2011

Late Night Shopping

Went shopping alone today. I work soooo far away from the city, so far away from most of my friends. Had dinner alone in the food court too. But that doesnt make my evening any less fulfilling!
Spent ages trying on dresses! No one's opinion to listen to but myself! Sometimes u get friends who have bigger budgets and u end up spending more than u want to. Sometimes u have friends with extremely low budget and they talk u out of snapping up a bargain!

Umm, i bought 4 maxi dresses cuz they were cheap...

See the bruises on the back of my knees? Result of Hoop classes! =) They arent as dark and ghastly as they were a week ago! Well worth it, love love love my hoop classes!! What i struggled with on Week 2 of Classes, i can do with no problem in Week 4 =)

And in Pole, it took me 11 weeks to finally do the Dazzler into a Handstand (an invert where u hang upside down on the pole, with your legs gripping onto the pole above your head. Let go one hand and then the other so that both hands are on the floor with face and belly facing the pole, both legs still holding on to the pole. Slowly descend from there =)

All out of breath after doing the trick, scary too! I was thinking what if i fall??? I'd go head first =S


Sue Lin said...

At my St Kilda class today, the teacher encouraged us to do the dazzler on our less preferred side.

So i attempted on my left, not expecting to be able to get up but guess what i did it!! Did the dazzler on my left side!

Last night on Youtube i watched "pole fail" where people fell. Tried to get into the handstand and felt myself falling, i thought shit this is it i'm gonna fall!!!! Panicked and called out my teacher's name and said help! Hahahha. She helped me and I didnt fall, thank goodness! She said i was really good today =P Hahahah

MK Loo said...

At first I thought your bruises were new tattoos, until I saw they were more like bruises!!!

Sue Lin said...

Huh? Tattoos at the back of the knees? Weird! Makes no sense la!