Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Smiley Sue

The last six months have been tough on me. Friends think that i am always happy and carefree because that is the image i project. Why rant on my Blog? One day when i am 70 years old, i'd wanna read about my happy times, not bring back rage and waves of negative emotions

Before i got my current job, i was applying for jobs and attending interviews unsuccessfully for what seemed like an eternity. The process was excruciating, i felt like the ultimate failure. So glad that its over and in the past now! There are new things to worry about though, like paying taxes =S

And having no time to blog or upload new pictures! Picture above was taken in March, before i cut my hair! Hahahah


MK Loo said...

Someday when I am 70 ....not too far away... La la la ... I also want to look back on my blog or blogs.... Too !

Sue Lin said...

Hahahah, yeah, ur Terengganu blog has a lot of old trips! U can continue blogging about old stuff =) I have so much new (less than 1year old stuff) that i havent blogged about!!!