Monday, April 11, 2011

Chocolate Sundays

Never knew Hopetoun Tea Rooms existed. Ignorant me, its famous. Full, no seats available and there were people queueing to get in!

Had Chocolait on Little Burke last week where we talked for hours around a little coffee table just like they do on the sitcom Friends. This week we headed to Lt Collins
Impressed by the interior. We didnt wait though, instead we headed to Ganache, another chocolatier nearby

Brownie, tripple chocolate mousse and almond something cake! Devine! Combined with hours of endless chatter and laughter. Perfect Sunday afternoon.

$7.50 for my cake, dont convert to Ringgit, it kills.

Sooo glad to be earning Australian Dollar! Not the ideal career, I'm a waitress, who cooks burgers and wraps, cleans the kitchen and handles the cash register too. Hourly wage, i probably might not even hit the lowest tax bracket this year

But i'm happy, i love the job i do. Its like a hobby. It wont buy me a house, but for now its okay; i can spend AUD 20 on lunch, tea and cake on a Sunday afternoon, just live a little =) I am able to buy a birthday present for my little cousin =)

Its a start, the start of my life in Australia =)


Isya said...

hi sue lin!!!
sorry ive been much busy but still been reading ur blog :)
and its good u got urself a job. u prolly earn more per hour than me and u dont wake up everyday dreading work. so, it's good :)
all the best now!! *big hugs*

Out of Sync said...

Starting a life in a new country, that is so cool! Very inspirational =)

ying2 said...

Hi Sue, glad that you love your job!!the cake look so nice and this truly meaningful and inspiring blog post.=)enjoy your life ya!!

Sue Lin said...

Heyyy Isya! Dont have to say sorry, i totally understand =) and am waiting for u to go into off-peak so i get hear from u more! =)

Yeah your right, i dont dread work. It isnt really work to me... All the best to u too!!! Happy that u, Jean, MNgiam and the rest are now CAs.

Aaron Spence hey thanks! I put in a lot of effort into writing this post, to make it sound positive! Hehe. Thanks for commenting and thanks for following my blog =)

Ying yeahhh cooking is fun! Dont really like cleaning =P Thanks for the sweet comment. U take care too =)

Jacqueline said...

OMG! Chocolate!!!!!!!!